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Get the most from our state of the art and highly secure private cloud solution – LinxCloud.

Linx' Cloud solutions

In support of its client’s business across the borders, the Linx Group launched its private cloud solution - LinxCloud. It is an integrated secure platform of networking, processing and storage, which is based on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model of cloud computing. It is built upon the solid Linxdatacenter infrastructure and a secure multi-tenant FlexPod and vCloud architecture, from the world industry leaders NetApp, Cisco and VMware. LinxCloud is designed and developed to address the customers’ needs, such as: flexibility and business agility to adapt to market changes immediately, efficiently and securely.


LinxCloud architecture (Flexpod & vCloud)

LinxCloud’s secure enterprise cloud architecture includes all server, storage, and networking hardware for managing your data more effectively. Its simplified, unified cloud architecture and an efficient, always-on infrastructure offer increased flexibility and elastic scalability to customer’s evolving IT needs. Provisioning and implementation are done on demand, reducing the time to implement new services.

The unmatched end-to-end security and isolation in the virtualized, LinxCloud-enabled environment together with integrated data protection ensure that customer’s sensitive information is never compromised. The communication channels are tested during operations to avoid the risk of any potential breaches.

The LinxCloud virtual environment ensures that tenants within this environment properly receive their subscribed SLAs while their data, communication, and applications are securely separated, protected, and isolated from other tenants. Solution availability is guaranteed at 99.9% uptime (SLA). 24/7/365 technical support is provided by VCP certified engineers.

LinxCloud architecture includes:

  • VMware vCenter
  • Cisco UCS Manager
  • Cisco DC Network Manager
  • NetApp Operations Manager
  • VMware vShield
  • Cisco Nexus 1000V and 5548
  • VMware vSphere 
  • Cisco UCS 5100
  • VMware vCloud Service Provider Bundle – Premier edition
  • Blade Chassis 
  • Fabric Interconnect
  • Cisco VSS 1440
  • Cisco Network Analysis
  • NetApp MultiStore
  • NetApp SANscreen
  • NetApp FAS filers

Cloud services


  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) - secure enterprise cloud architecture with high availability that includes all server, storage, and networking hardware for managing customer’s data more effectively.
  • Remote Data Storage -  To support companies who require to the ability to store their business data in remote datacenters. The Remote data storage- & computing solution keeps data stored and provides a complete replicated IT environment with applications and data, to support the core business processes.
  • Virtual Datacenter -  A Virtual datacenter service is offered to companies that need to replace servers, or to increase server efficiency and/or their IT service. The transfer from an in-house environment to an outsourced IaaS solution guarantees an improved flexibility and availability for customer’s businesses.
  • Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) - Customers running a VMware based IT environment use this service to create a full fail-over site, for those critical virtual servers   that need to be recovered as soon as possible in the event of a disaster at the main site. Based on VMware SRM, this service provides customers with automated failover- and failback scenario’s.   In addition this service ensures business continuity and quick recovery from disasters.
  • Back-up-as-a-Service (BaaS) - A cloud-based backup- and recovery service that enables customers to keep critical business data available in the event of an outage of loss of data. Due to Linxdatacenter’s interconnected facilities, back-up of data can be done both locally and across borders, on-site and off-site. This service ensures security-rich and application aware storage of critical data, and allows around-the-clock customer access to perform restoration activities.


Your data: accessible always and everywhere, thanks to Linx