From left to right: Casper Helfer, Jacob Kielman, Kor Laheij, Hans de Klerk, Heiko H. Koop, Maciej Kowalski, and Marius van der Stoel.

Corporate Governance

1. Management Structure

The Management Team is the central body within the Corporate Governance system of Linx Telecommunications Holding B.V.
The Supervisory Board meets the management team at least 4 times a year and will organize minimum one general meeting of Shareholders per year.

The Supervisory Board members:

  • Jacob E. Kielman
  • Hans J. De Klerk
  • Marius van der Stoel
  • Kor J.A. Laheij
  • Maciej Kowalski

The Management Board members:

  • Heiko H. Koop, Chief Executive Officer
  • Casper Helfer, Chief Financial Officer

2. Business Principles

Linx Telecommunications Holding B.V. is committed to ethical business behavior in regard to both the internal conduct of its business and the engagement with external stakeholders. With Integrity being one of the core values, the Company will only participate in business transactions under high standards of corporate ethics and with complete integrity. The Compliance Officer has the ownership of the Compliance program and the code of conduct. 


The following documents lay out the principles that guide us in everything we do in our daily work. Every employee and every supplier conducting business with Linx, is expected to follow these principles.