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Linxdatacenter — provider of hybrid IT infrastructure

100% uptime of data centers

24/7 technical support in both Russian and English

Have been working in the IT market since 2001

Own data centers in Moscow and St. Petersburg


Linxdatacenter confirms compliance of its virtual infrastructure and data centers with PCI DSS

Geography of our business

ЦОД Linxdatacenter
communication center М8; presence on M9 and M1; the point of connected to MSK-IX; content.более 40 операторов связи
The headquarters of the centre NOC
ЦОД Linxdatacenter
прямое соединение с SPB-IX; более 10 операторов связи
Партнерский ЦОД
прямое соединение с LIM; более 10 операторов связи

Our partners

Feedback from our customers


Customer satisfaction index

International leader in cybersecurity

I would like to thank you;) You always promptly assist in working moments, and not just working! :) You manage to create a holiday atmosphere by putting mandarins in the client's room and to warm up your colleagues with free coffee in the machine! I am very pleased to work with you. You have a great team. All without exception!

One of the top international telco providers in the world

We are fully satisfied with the cooperation with Linx. Responsible engineers Ivan Kolokolov and Andrey Perekrest provide timely and qualitative professional assistance. They are benevolent, do not postpone business сases and always give professional advice

Russian system integrator

Thank you for acceptance of proposals, it shows that you are the most client-oriented DC in St. Petersburg.

Russian major telco company

Quality of service: There are no questions to the quality of the services provided. Account managment: All arising questions are solved quickly, and there are no problems with feedback. The sales manager provides full information and as soon as possible. Finance and admin: Invoices and certificates are issued on time, courier service works perfect.

International backbone carrier

"Quickly, qualitatively, professionally. Many thanks for the work "

Russian developer and distributor of IT-solutions

Security: Security aspects suit us, we can't rate it as excellent as we are not the professionals in the field of security and did not carry out specialized inspections in this area of ​​DC Linx. Quality of service: We are satisfied with all aspects of quality of service, according to columns 8 (the work of the technical support service and engineers on duty), 9 (convenience of work in the data center) are not given the highest rating as in 2017 there were cases requiring additional administrative support Finance and administration: The bills are issued regularly, however, the courier service was failing in 2017, when the documents, especially at the introduction of new services, were significantly delayed, which caused excessive labor costs on our part. Accounting / project: Impressions of communicating with a commercial representative are better than from communication with technical experts. We find out about all the new services in demand in a timely manner, unclaimed services are not imposed - this is perfect.

Computer Software Developer

I would like to commend the work of network engineers in St.Petersburg and Moscow. I am very pleased with the results of two projects on migration from one channel to another with change of IP addresses. Migration of functioning services is always more complicated than launch of a new service. Your network engineers successfully arranged the migration for us without any interruption of services. We are most grateful!

We value the confidentiality of our customers ' data. That is why we sign NDA with all our clients and cannot disclose company names.