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    Is a global provider of high-end colocation, cloud and connectivity solutions for business. Active since 2001, Linxdatacenter operates in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the Nordics.

    Linxdatacenter provides cloud and colocation solutions at own data centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg built to TIER III standard, as well as at partner data centers in Warsaw and Frankfurt. It also offers fast connectivity to global cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. The company is certified to provide infrastructure and legal solutions in compliance with personal data legislation (FZ-152).

    The company’s data centers are certified under ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and PCI DSS standards. High operation standards of Linxdatacenter are confirmed by the Uptime Institute's Management & Operations Stamp of Approval.

    International practices
    of data center construction and providing services
    Innovative data centers
    in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and developed partner chain
    of highly skilled professionals, certified by Uptime Institute, VMware and Cisco


    DSS Centified
    Linxdatacenter has been compliant with the requirements of the Management & Operations Stamp of Approval since 2018. Confirmed by the Uptime Institute.
    • Cisco
    • Veeam
    • ФСБ
    • ФСТЭК
    • УЗ-2
    • DSS Centified
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 22301
    • ISO/IEС 27001
    • Cisco
    • Cisco
    • Veeam
    • ФСБ
    • ФСТЭК
    • УЗ-2
    • DSS Centified
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 22301
    • ISO/IEС 27001

    Mission and Values


    Our driving force is continuous improvement and growth. In development of our customer’s business, we concentrate on sustainable expansion of our expertise and strengthening the company’s potential. Our focus is the spectrum of services and solutions, high technological level of the equipment at our data centers, professionalism and competence of the team.


    Customer focus
    Commitment to customer value and satisfaction Our customers come first. Being part of our customer’s success is our main driving force and motivation for our continuous improvement. We design and build solutions that match and exceed customer expectations.
    One Team
    Commitment to the common success We are an international team that combines local expertise with global standards. We share our knowledge and unite in efforts to achieve our common goals.
    Passion for Exellence
    Commitment to quality and value In all we do we are dedicated to bring quality and value. We stimulate our talents and potential to excel at innovation and execution. Our common passion is data and modern technology, which fuels our motivation to succeed and to be the best at providing an advanced IT solutions.
    Commitment to honesty We are committed to being honest, transparent, reliable and consistent in all our actions. We are honest and open in our communication and actions towards our partners, as well as our customers.

    All our business processes are built on the basis of ethical principles.

    We expect that our employees, as all interested persons, act in accordance with these principles and follow the corporate code of conduct and Linxdatacenter policies.

    Virtual Infrastructure (IaaS)

    Private and public clouds based on Cisco solutions.


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    Veeam Backup & Replication

    Reliable data protection for virtual machines and physical servers.


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    Access to Global Clouds

    Access to Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure to create a multi-cloud environment


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    Linxdatacenter Moscow team
    Linxdatacenter Moscow team
    Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg team
    Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg team

    Our investors

    JSC ER-Telecom Holding is a leading Russian telecom company providing services of broadband internet access, telecom, digital TV, Wi-Fi access, VPN, LoRaWAN, CCTV and complex solutions based on the industrial IoT technologies.
    Additional information is available at the website: www.ertelecom.ru
    Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) was founded in 2011 for investment into stock capital of mainly Russian businesses together with leading foreign financial and strategic investors. RDIF established joint strategic partnerships with leading international co-investors from 18 countries, with the summary value over 40 billion US dollars.
    Additional information is available at the website: www.rdif.ru
    Talos Investments Limited manages investment activities and select institutional clients. We have a proprietary approach to identifying artificial intelligence innovation across industries. We seek to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in global markets and private equity companies related to the evolution of AI within developing economies.
    Additional information is available at the website: www.talosinvestments.ai

    Our partners

    Company history

    The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF, Russia’s sovereign wealth fund) alongside JSC ER-Telecom Holding (Dom.ru and Dom.ru Business trademarks) and Talos Fund I LP purchased a 100% stake in Svyaz VSD LLC, the Russian subsidiary of the Netherlands-based Linx Telecommunications Holding BV. The cloud platform will provide the necessary virtual infrastructure to the largest Russian and international enterprises for performing their key tasks, ensuring operational continuity and minimizing business risks. The cloud strategy will concentrate on expansion of the virtual services’ portfolio, particularly solutions using world leading AI technologies, in cooperation with RDIF’s international partners.

    Linxdatacenter upgrades its cloud platform and introduces new services, including remote work tools, DC management outsourcing, additional remote DC monitoring services, advanced solutions for network backup and support. Physical, virtual and network infrastructure of the company is certified for compliance with the PCI DSS 3.2.1 requirements. The Linxdatacenter site in St. Petersburg successfully passes the Management & Operations Stamp of Approval reassessment.

    Launch of the Secure Cloud 152-FZ solution, a complex service of virtual infrastructure lease for businesses processing personal data of Russian citizens. The service answers the needs of companies regularly dealing with personal data (healthcare, insurance, banks, ecommerce) and helps businesses to satisfy the Russian Federation’s law demands in the respect of installed IT infrastructure.

    Launch of Direct Cloud Connect - solution for direct connectivity with global clouds. Successful achievement of Management & Operation audit by Uptime Institute.

    Linxdatacenter develops technological potential of its DC, professionalism and competence of the team and expands the spectrum of consulting and IT services aimed at the development of customers’ businesses. HyperCloud — 1st hyper converged solution in Russia is launched. Now the company is in TOP-5 of the largest DC in Russia. Linxdatacenter has three highly reliable data centers in Russia and other countries with a total area of 14,800 m2, and an aggregate capacity of 19.5 MW.

    Linxdatacenter expands its data center in Moscow, 3 new modules are launched. Linx group of companies announces a global deal of selling its telecommunication sector to Chinese company CITIC Telecom CPC. Transaction items include a submarine high-speed optical fiber cable with a capacity of 120 Gbps that connects countries of Scandinavia, Baltic states and Russia, a data center in Tallinn and 40 points of presence in the market of 20 countries, including Russia. CITIC Telecom CPC purchases Linx Telecommunications B.V., registered in the Netherlands, and its 13 subsidiaries.

    Linx group of companies has 10 representative offices in Europe and Asia. The Group headquarters is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Linx ensures connection between the continents through a large scale telecommunication network and international data centers in Russia, Poland and Estonia.

    Linxtelecom develops its telecommunication network through connection of Almaty, Kazakhstan.

    LinxCloud complex cloud solutions are deployed at all Linxdatacenter technological facilities.

    Linx group of companies launches a data center in Poland. The company’s DC in St. Petersburg deploys LinxCloud integrated secure platform to provide customers with innovative cloud solutions.

    Linx group of companies constructs a new Linxdatacenter DC in St. Petersburg in accordance with the current leading security and reliability standards for vital data storage. This state-of-the-art data center becomes the Group’s larges technological facility.

    The Group launches the fifth module with 100 racks and builds up the capacity of Moscow data centers. Linx purchases Warsaw DC Sp Zo and launches construction of a new DC in Warsaw. Linxdatacenter, a new brand in providing DC services, enters the market.

    Linx develops business in Russia and purchases WideXs. Linxdatacenter DC Moscow that provides equipment placement and application hosting services starts its commercial operation. The Group develops its own telecommunication network through connection of infrastructure facilities in the Great Britain and Georgia.

    Linx increases the number of its European divisions, opens new representative offices in Hungary, Ukraine and Germany.

    Norby joins the company’s structure, Linxtelecom takes control of Metro data communications network and IP telephony. A data center in Tallinn starts its commercial operation.

    Linx group of companies continues to expand its presence in Europe, opens representative offices in Finland and Sweden. Linx invests in the creation of a submarine optical fiber cable to connect Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki.

    Linx develops a network of international representative offices, founds new enterprises in Russia, Poland and the Baltic States.

    Establishment of Linx Telecommunications B.V. (Linxtelecom) with headquarters is in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.