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Loyalty Program

  • Comfortable room for work of the customer’s staff (customers’ room);
  • Linxdatacenter’s tools for work;
  • Coffee in the DC.
  • Storage of customers’ equipment in the DC territory for one month;
  • Disposal of equipment packaging free of charge;
  • Testing of cloud solutions and additional services of Linxdatacenter for one month:


  • IaaS – cloud infrastructure;
  • STaaS – data storage as a service;
  • NaaS – network as a service;
  • BaaS – data backup;
  • Amazon Cloud – reselling of the Amazon global cloud services;
  • Google Cloud – reselling of the Google global cloud services;
  • Мониторинг – dedicated or multiuser software for monitoring customer’s IT systems at Linxdatacenter or LinxCloud.


  • Smart Hands – equipment installation and maintenance by DC specialists, network and cloud engineers;
  • DC inventory – audit of installed equipment, preparation of racks and cabling layout;
  • Reporting  – individual measurement of various service parameters and preparation of reports.
  • Invitations to the events of Linxdatacenter;
  • Online and offline training according to the schedule on the website;
  • Tickets to events held by partner vendors of Linxdatacenter according to the schedule on the Linxdatacenter website*.
* Depends on availability of tickets on the application date.

Following event:

  • No scheduled events