Backup by Veeam

Reliable data protection for virtual machines and physical servers

Reliable backup, replication and data recovery tools based on Veeam software solutions with a single console management.

Veeam Backup & ReplicationThe solution for high-speed availability of data and applications

Ensure high availability and consistency of applications and data in a physical infrastructure or in the cloud. Set up your own backup, recovery and replication rules through the functional management console.

Veeam Backup & Replication simplifies backup management and its performance outpaces generally accepted solutions. Using Veeam, you can meet the SLA requirements for target point performance and allowable recovery time for all applications and data.

Veeam Cloud ConnectData backup and replication to Linxdatacenter cloud

Transfer backup copies of physical and virtual machines to our site and effortlessly create new replicas without the need to support your own remote infrastructure. All backup copies of your data are stored in Linxdatacenter’s fault-tolerant virtual infrastructure based on hyper-converged solution by Cisco HyperFlex™.

Veeam Cloud Connect is a fast and reliable method of backup, replication, and recovery from the cloud repository of Linxdatacenter.


High speed of recovery Separate files, objects, and folders in the guest OS are recovered “on the fly”, while it takes just a few minutes on virtual applications and machines recovery.
You will achieve the shortest recovery time objective (RTO) with Veeam solutions.

Data loss prevention Choosing Veeam you can be sure that data will be recovered quickly and effortlessly after an emergency, and data rollback will be nearly unnoticeable for users.
Transfer backup to Linxdatacenter to reduce the target recovery point objective (RPO) significantly.

Guaranteed data recovery You can recover data from any backup copy or replica. We use SureBackup technologies (automatic verification of recovery possibility) and SureReplica (automatic test of each replica) to maximize the reliability.

Comprehensive control Veeam solutions give you complete control over your backup infrastructure. You can set up rules, track the status of backup copies and identify problems before they affect availability of data and applications.

Efficient use of backup copies With Veeam you can significantly reduce risks during new applications deployment. Use replicas and backup copies to create full analogs of the operational environment for preliminary testing of changes.


Service Availability - 99,95%
Mean time to notify - 15 minutes
Mean time to Restore Service - 4 hour

Veeam Cloud Connect based backup: following the «3-2-1» rule

Veeam backup and replication software allow applying the “3-2-1” rule to IT infrastructure. The rule requires storage of three copies of the data on different sites or mediums, including one copy being stored remotely.

Transfer of backup copies to a remote site often
encounters many problems

  • Limited data

  • An increasing
    volume of
    transmitted data.

  • Lack of resources
    for creation and support
    of own remote storage.

Veeam Cloud Connect is an integrated solution for all these tasks! You can follow the “3-2-1” rule with ease, wasting no resources on creation and support of a backup infrastructure.

How Veeam Cloud Connect solution is designed

Customer On-Premises Infrastructure

VMs and physical workloads

Production Storage


Primary Backup Repository

Service Provider Infrastructure

Cloud Gateway

Cloud Repository


Backup copy

WAN Acceleration

With Veeam Cloud Connect you will not worry about the expansion of data throughput. Order the service of remote backup cloud storage with Linxdatacenter and use all potential of the built-in WAN acceleration.

Veeam solutions use cases

Flexible options for virtual infrastructure recovery


Virtual infrastructure is exposed to the risk of data damage or forced downtime.


  • Linxdatacenter’s IaaS solutions combined with data backup and recovery tools of Veeam for high availability and consistency of data and applications.
  • Usage of Veeam tools for independent data backup and recovery.

Organization of a recovery site for replication


The company needs a DR-site for replication.


Deployment of a recovery site at Linxdatacenter capacities in 24 hours without a usage of customer’s equipment.

Staff training on working with the backup system


Many backup systems and tools for business are difficult to master and require a deep understanding of the system and its operational logic.


Veeam solutions have an intuitive interface and transparent operational logic. Their implementation does not force the customer to spend resources on long-term staff training or experts hiring. One specialist on the customer’s site is sufficient to manage the tools.

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