Linxdatacenter DCs meet the criteria of TIER III reliability level and form a single technological complex, ensuring high efficiency and secure operation with vital data for customers in the Russian and international markets. The company’s data centers are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and PСI DSS certified.

Equipment Rental
Linxdatacenter has a pool of dedicated (VDS) and private (VPS) servers of any capacity, as well as server and telecommunication equipment, uninterrupted power supply equipment, and offers it for rental to companies that prefer placing resource-intensive applications on a failsafe hosting with transparent pricing and guaranteed availability (stated in SLA). Linxdatacenter has its own DCs in Moscow and St. Petersburg, which allows for localization and processing of your application data, including personal data, in Russia.
Cross Connection
We offer connection to communications providers and equipment of business partners and suppliers within DC premises. Maintenance and administration of cross connection is performed by Linxdatacenter professionals. The customer can choose among three cable types: coaxial, twisted (UTP-CAT6) and optical fiber.
Managed Hosting
Linxdatacenter offers website hosting services for high-load projects that use large data volumes and heavy applications. Managed hosting involves 24/7 technical support with a full range of services, from initial server setting to performance monitoring.
We offer physical placement of server and network equipment in failsafe Linxdatacenter data centers of TIER III level with uninterrupted power supply, preset climate conditions and 24/7 technical support. Linxdatacenter DCs are connected to backup channels of more than 50 telecommunications providers.
Transportation and Logistics
We can arrange transportation and installation of customer equipment, including installation and connection to racks.
Dedicated Access
Provide connection between the customer’s facilities and/or other destinations. The service quality is ensured by high capacity and low latency of the communication network.
Extended Security
We offer special barriers for racks (cage) with additional video cameras and biometric ACS.

Why Linxdatacenter

We will help your business to comply with the requirements of Federal Law on Personal Data (152-FZ)

Result is guaranteed by

Andrey Perekrest
Andrey Perekrest
Head of Linxdatacenter DC Moscow
We guarantee that operation of our DC will be not only uninterrupted, but also comfortable for our Customers. Our operational team ensures all necessary conditions on a daily basis and always aims to achieve the maximum result.
Taras Chirkov
Taras Chirkov
Head of Linxdatacenter DC St. Petersburg
We strive to provide not only failsafe information infrastructure, but also reliable physical security systems. Our DC is equipped with high-end identification and access control devices that guarantee equipment protection from criminals.

Our partners

all partners
Solutions of Schneider Electric and APC are the standard of our datacenters in providing colocation for our customers: server cabinets and cold aisle systems, power distribution busbars and units, environment control and building monitoring. Time-tested systems and components provide comfortable use and highest possible SLA guarantees for the physical infrastructure.
Our long term technical partnership with Emerson in the area of uninterruptible power supply and cooling systems provides the continuity of our DC services, unquestionable energy efficiency and minimal effect on the environment.

We use APC by Schneider Electric independent power supply systems, uninterruptible power sources and storage batteries at our data centers.

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Svetlava Yakovleva
Svetlava Yakovleva
Commercial Director
Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg
Our aim is to establish long-term cooperation with our customers, become their reliable partner, who can be entrusted with valuable data and business-critical processes.
Anton Antonov
Anton Antonov
Sales Director
Linxdatacenter Moscow
We always strive to find an optimal solution for each customer that would ideally suit their business needs and guarantee smooth operation and data protection.
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