Audit and design of network topology

If the structure of your network cannot withstand the current load, or you are preparing to build a serious network infrastructure, our specialists are ready to conduct a comprehensive audit for you:

  • Identify existing vulnerabilities
    in the network configuration
  • Develop a technical solution
    for your needs
  • Build the network infrastructure
    from scratch
  • Conduct an inventory of the network
  • Draw up a technical task
    for contractors
  • Find bottlenecks in network

On the basis of the audit, you will receive an algorithm for eliminating deficiencies and increasing the scalability of the network infrastructure.

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Management of the customer autonomous system

  • LIR
  • Acquisition of an autonomous system
  • Purchasing a block of IP addresses
  • Configuration of internal and external routing protocols
  • Traffic and community management

Connection and configuration are possible on both Linxdatacenter equipment and your installed equipment.

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Installation and configuration of network equipment

Deployment and configuration of your network infrastructure:

  • Equipment installation;
  • Connection;
  • Configuration;
  • Remote access setup.

Support and maintenance of network infrastructure in the 24/7 mode

  • Technicians monitor the status of the network and cloud resources in the 24/7 mode.
  • Shift engineers effectively identify and eliminate the errors in the network equipment operation.

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Internet exchange points

Check Linxdatacenter network
availability via Looking glass

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Access to the monitoring system

Not ready to completely entrust your infrastructure to a contractor? Set up remote monitoring for constant access to real equipment indicators.

Analysis and work on errors

The incoming data stream of the monitoring system is processed around the clock by the support service. Logs are saved for later analysis.

Detailed SLA

We consolidate all terms and conditions related to responses to any alerts, in the contract. Information and implementation of the necessary regulatory actions take place in the 24/7/365 mode.

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