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Delegate the basic network infrastructure challenges solution to Linxdatacenter team.

Audit and design of network topology

If your company’s network structure is at the planning, scaling stage or requires a highly professional technical audit from the outside, we will:

Audit network infrastructure
Identify flaws, errors and unused blocks in the hardware configuration
Reveal bottlenecks in network security
Solve problems with network availability and fault tolerance
Develop a technical solution according to your needs
Build network solution from scratch
Organize the work of technical support
Implement monitoring

Network infrastructure deployment and configuration

LIR registration

Autonomous system acquisition

Traffic and community management

Purchase of IP addresses blocks

Internal and external routing protocols configuration

Network equipment installation and configuration

Remote connection to equipment setting up

Round-the-clock network and cloud monitoring

Quick identification and troubleshoot of network and network equipment issues

24/7 network infrastructure support and maintenance

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Internet exchange points

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