infrastructure backup

Ensure fault tolerance and
uninterrupted communication in the network infrastructure

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Internet access backup

Creating backup routes and setting up a VRRP protocol to ensure stable access to web resources and high level of fault tolerance of the network infrastructure.

IPT backup

The client’s router backup and physical connection to the network will ensure the best quality of communication and uninterrupted contact with the offices and branches of the company.

Remote access to network equipment

Connecting the COM port to the Linxdatacenter console server. Remote access to sixteen independent serial ports via TCP / IP.

Service benefits

  • Quick network setup
    Initial equipment configuration.
  • Convenient management
    Access is organized through a Telnet/SSH client or third party clients such as PuTTY.
  • Out-of-band management
    Independent access to the console in case of complete loss of control.
  • Changes without risks
    Network configuration can be recovered from anywhere in the world.
  • Security
    Additional authentication and authorization while remotely connecting to the console port.
  • Flexible configuration of access rights
    • Creation of the user accounts separately for each port.
    • Differentiation of access rights by user roles.

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