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Using VDC catalogs

Using VDC catalogs

You have an access to vCloud Director public and your organization's catalogs. Initially, there are no catalogs in the organization.

Press Menu  and select Libraries to view catalogs and content.

vApp Templates - vApp templates.

Media & Other - ISO images.

Catalogs - public and organization catalogs.

To create a catalog:

1) Go to Catalogs and click New.

2) In the window that appears, specify:

Name - enter the name of the catalog.

Description - provide a description of the catalog. This will help you understand in the future what this catalog is used for.

Pre-provision on specific storage policy - enable to specify the storage policy for the directory Click OK.

To allow access to the catalog for other users in your organization:

Click and select Share. In the window that appears, click ADD. Select Share with everyone in the organization to provide access to all users in the organization. Select Share with specific users or groups to specify particular users.

  • Access Level - specify the access level:

  • Read Only

  • Change

  • Full Control (full access)

To upload a file (ISO, OVA, etc.) to a catalog:

1) Select Libraries from the menu.

2) If you want to download ISO or some other file, select Media & Other on the left and click Add. In the window that appears, specify:

Catalog - the directory where the file will be uploaded.

Name - the name of the file as it will appear in the catalog. For example, Windows_Server_2016.iso

Select media to upload - select the file to be uploaded.

3) If you want to download an OVA or OVF template, select vApp Templates on the left and click Add. In the Select Source window that appears, specify:

Browse - select the file to be uploaded. Click Next.

In the Review Details window, check the template information and click Next. In the Select vApp Template Name window, specify:

Name - the name of the template.

Description - description of the template.

Catalog - select the catalog where the template will be loaded. Click Next.

In the Ready to Complete window, check the template settings and click Finish. The template will start downloading to the catalog.