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Creating vApp from a template

Creating vApp from a template

To create a vApp from a template:

1) Go to Menu -> Libraries.

2) On the left, in the vApp Templates section, select the required template. You can only view templates from a specific catalog by enabling the Catalog column filter.

3) Select a template, click and select Create vApp.

4) In the window that appears, specify:

Name - enter the name of the vApp.

Description - enter a description. This will help you in the future to understand what this vApp is used for.

Runtime lease - how long the vApp will run before it is automatically shut down. Use

Never Expires so that the vApp is not automatically turned off.

Storage lease - vApp lifetime after shutdown. Use Never Expires so that the vApp is not automatically deleted after shutdown.

Click Next.

5) At the Configure Resources step, select the data center (vDC) and storage (storage policy): SATA, SAS, SSD or NVMe. 

Click Next.

6) At the last step, check the parameters of the future vApp and click Finish. Wait for the vApp creation to complete.