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OS installation. The example of Windows Server 2016

OS installation. The example of Windows Server 2016

1) To connect the installation disk (ISO file) select the required VM in the section Virtual Machine. Click Actions and select Insert Media.

1) In the window that appears, select the OS image from the available catalogs. Click Insert to connect the image to the VM.

2) Click Actions and select Power On to turn on the VM.

3) Proceed with the OS installation. Click Actions. From the list that appears, select Launch VM Remote Console or Launch Web Console to connect to the VM in a browser.

Note that the mouse may not work on a Windows virtual machine prior to installing VMware Tools. For initial configuration, use the keyboard. Tab - to switch between items, Space or Enter - to select or continue.

If Remote Console is not installed on your computer, select Download VMRC and install the console from the official VMware website.