Linxdatacenter and Lenovo have built a cloud platform for Virtu Systems

  • When: 18 September 2018

Linxdatacenter has helped Virtu Systems complete the first stage in preparing the CommCloud metro cluster which will provide cloud-based insurance services and products.

Virtu Systems is a Russian software company that develops solutions for automated sales of financial and insurance products. The customer needed to deploy its solutions in a private cloud, reduce costs and minimize the risks of implementing traditional Data Center-based approaches. Specifically, it needed to substitute the classic approach of stacking optical network switches in the network architecture with VRRP technology (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is a network protocol designed to increase availability of routers performing the gateway function) for L2 and L3 network switches, which provides a high level of fault tolerance and reduces the human risk factor. 

For implementation purposes, the company chose to launch an enterprise solution at Linxdatacenter’s Moscow site based on a cloud model. At this stage of the project, the DC has provided the customer with access to an MVP (minimum viable product), the minimum operating configuration for the new information system (Virtu Systems) prototype. The CommCloud private cloud by Virtu Systems was designed by Linxdatacenter using the classical architectural model, which requires purchase of all necessary hardware and network components: servers offering physical and logical access, data storage systems, network components, virtualization software, and information security solutions ensuring compliance with 152-FZ (the Russian Federal Law on Personal Data Security).

“The classic platform is more flexible in terms of return on investment. Now, the company is launching a new product on the market and requires a new model of financial relations with the IT services provider. We have purchased a dedicated enclosed area to hold four racks with a computing and network hub at Linxdatacenter Moscow. This solution is constructed entirely of Lenovo components. 1U Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630 servers operate as hardware computing systems, while a Lenovo V5030 array is used for data storage, and a Fibre Channel switch Lenovo DB610S provides data transfer. By purchasing all infrastructure components from a single vendor, we have increased the reliability and fault tolerance of the entire software and hardware complex by eliminating conflicts between elements, standards and protocols,” explains Ilya Popov, IT Infrastructure Director of Virtu Systems. 

Lenovo’s input was not just limited to hardware supply: the vendor also ensured that the equipment specification complies with the customer’s requirements, providing the most functional and economically feasible solution within the given budget. Roman Bobrov, Key Account Manager for Lenovo, adds that despite the extreme time constraints, the company has also improved the network side of the project to meet reliability requirements, added the option of system development and scaling, installed the equipment and trained Virtu Systems staff in system setup and administration. “It was only through close contact and an adequate level of partner and customer competencies, coupled with impeccable logistics, that we could ensure the original deadline was met. We worked as one cohesive team,” he explains.

“The project was very ‘hot’: it took just two months between first contact with the customer and signing the contract, while the solution was ready four months later. The equipment was delivered within four weeks - twice as fast as our competitors could offer,” notes Ayrat Mustafin, Commercial Projects Manager for Linxdatacenter. “This project has been very important to us. We were a fully-fledged partner throughout, involved in every stage of the project, from idea development to system maintenance. We believe that the future of successful IT projects lies in such solutions created by ecosystems of vendors, DC operators and other market players.”

This is the first time Linxdatacenter has worked with a company providing IT services for an insurance business. This marks a very promising area, as software developers begin to work on innovative applications for banks and insurance companies, moving from one-off sales to a customized supported product approach. This approach provides access to the various functions of the solution, while all infrastructure aspects are managed by Virtu Systems and its partners. 

The launch of the new CommCloud segment is scheduled for September 2018. Linxdatacenter anticipates that demand for Virtu Systems’ resources will grow by 200-300% within the year.

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