Linxdatacenter receives Management & Operations Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute for its St. Petersburg data center

Linxdatacenter receives Management & Operations Stamp of Approval from the Uptime Institute for its St. Petersburg data center

  • When: 18 September 2018

Linxdatacenter DC in St. Petersburg has confirmed the compliance with the operational sustainability requirements of the main industry certifying organization, the Uptime Institute.

Regardless of infrastructure specifics, engineering solutions, network and IT products, the quality of operational process management remains the most important factor in ensuring modern data center sustainability. According to the Uptime Institute, errors made by data center employees at local level are the main cause of failures and downtime, leading to twice as many incidents as purely technical and infrastructural accidents. Staff errors may be the result of incorrect strategy, inaccurate deployment of data center resources and an ineffective business culture. That’s why Uptime M&O certification takes a holistic approach that combines a multitude of criteria across five key categories: planning, coordination and management, staffing and organization, maintenance, training and operating conditions.

The requirements of the M&O Stamp of Approval are based on 20 years’ experience of inspections and audits of data centers covering a variety of levels and profiles around the world, allowing it to draw on best global industry practices as the basis of its industry standard. To maintain the relevance of its standards, the Uptime Institute closely monitors the technological evolution of the industry, updating the list of M&O Stamp of Approval criteria every two to three years. Obtaining the M&O Stamp of Approval requires a high degree of compliance by a data center with all current requirements in the field of operations management.

The procedural aspects of the M&O involve a thorough audit of work manuals, action instructions for various situations such as emergencies, interviews with employees and mandatory inspection of facilities by Uptime Institute experts. This approach conveys the importance of M&O certification to data center customers, partners, shareholders and insurers.

“By setting itself the task of obtaining the M&O Stamp of Approval, a data center demonstrates a certain level of company maturity. Today, an ever-increasing number of commercial data centers, particularly large enterprises with sizable customer bases representing all spheres of the economy, are striving to gain additional advantages and guarantees of the high level of their service quality.

“For our part, we guarantee the most thorough audit procedure. In addition to the marketing value of the M&O Stamp of Approval, the real practical benefit for operators and their clients is extremely important. The high quality of operational management ensures the necessary level of availability of data centers in emergency situations, which sometimes happen under full project load, and which some customers have not even been aware of during the pilot launch stage.

“At the moment, Linxdatacenter is the only data center in Russia with an active M&O Stamp of Approval, although we are seeing an increase in demand for this type of certification in the Russian market. Several data centers are currently undergoing M&O for the first time or will update their existing certification soon", comments Alexey Solodovnikov, Managing Director of Uptime Institute Russia.

“Achieving M&O certification was a strategic priority for Linxdatacenter. The company paid the closest attention to preparing the St. Petersburg site, finalizing documentation and training employees. The whole project took about three years, and the preparation process required fundamental changes in workflows inside the data center.

“The requirements of the standard are truly comprehensive. They do not disregard any details, including thorough instructions for cleaning the premises or controlling the maximum permissible level of dust particles in the air in the machine rooms. In addition, all works performed by data center contractors and all possible situations arising from the actions of customers’ employees in data center premises are described in detail. This approach significantly reduces the likelihood and severity of incidents.

“In the long term, certification saves hundreds of thousands of dollars by eliminating accidents linked to hardware, reducing employees’ injuries, loss of revenue and penalties for violation of SLA conditions. We were the first data center in the North-West of Russia to successfully pass the Uptime Institute M&O certification, confirming our high level of procedural security. Having worked for five years in a completely trouble-free regime, we have further strengthened our reputation as a leader in the field of management culture among data centers in the St. Petersburg market. We have successfully passed an extremely serious examination and entered the international community of data centers with a confirmed level of quality of operations,” says Taras Chirkov, DC Manager of Linxdatacenter St. Petersburg, currently the only specialist in the North-West of Russia certified by the Uptime Institute on operational management of data centers.

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