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Linxdatacenter: demand for hybrid clouds in 2022 will grow by 30%

Publication date - 26 October 2021

The transfer of business to hybrid models of resources consumption, which combine local, private and public cloud environment in a single solution, is one of the defining industry trends of 2021. The demand for hybrid solutions in the Russian Federation will increase by 30% in 2022.

According to a forecast by IDC, 90% of business worldwide will develop their IT infrastructure mixing resident infrastructure components, dedicate private clouds and public cloud platforms in 2022. 

Mordor Intelligence reports in its marketing survey that the global market of hybrid solutions was estimated at $53 billion in 2020 and is anticipated to reach $145 billion by 2026. 

Today hybrid architecture become the default IT infrastructure model because companies select solutions that optimally correspond with the specifics of their workload and their development needs.

The research conducted by IBM Institute for Business Value demonstrated that by 2023 companies will use not less than 10 different cloud platforms and services, but only 27% of them have an integral strategy for hybrid clouds management. It becomes vitally important for business to develop a cloud strategy and architecture to remain competitive.

“It is popular to use hybrid IT solutions for specific projects in Russia. For example, an online retailer launches a trial campaign with a manufacturer to evaluate customers’ interest in certain goods.

As this type of load is not usual for them, all traffic and administration tasks are moved to a dedicated IT environment, preferably virtual. Clouds allow to make a trial run of any project, including marketing and customer services projects, without affecting the operations of the company’s key IT systems,” comments Roman Shulimov, Sales Director at Linxdatacenter. 

Testing environment for development of new services and projects, so called “sandboxes” for information security projects etc. are also frequently moved outside the perimeter of the key IT system.  

Another Russia-typical trend is the demand for hybrid cloud solutions on the State’s behalf. State institutions are sufficiently well developed in Russia in the aspect of internet presence and digital integration with the business and citizens. These institutions actively study possibilities and potential of cloud solutions.

“With hybrid solutions becoming the main IT infrastructure model, we expect to see increasing interest towards various strategies of hybrid cloud adaptation in the next year. 

More companies will start engaging strategic benefits of the hybrid approach, which allows to balance costs, productivity, security, and administration requirements of IT systems.

Our estimate is that businesses and the state institutions will increase their consumption of hybrid cloud solutions by 30% in 2022. This trend develops as IT departments learn to determine the optimal combination of current workloads and corresponding environment,” adds Roman Shulimov. 


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