• Linxdatacenter launched a portal for customers

    Publication date - 16 December 2021

    Linxdatacenter reports that it launched a customer portal, taking another step in automatization of business process in the company’s data centers.

    The team of Linxdatacenter introduced a new tool whose purpose is to provide customers with a one-stop-shop supporting solution for all DC services. The customers will be able to manage their IT resources and services via a user-friendly interface.

    The customer portal has been launched implemented in the minimum viable product (MVP) format and is currently operating in a testing mode for the focal group of customers from eight companies.

    Two major functions are active on the portal at this point:

    • the ticketing system for tracking current maintenance and support enquiries;
    • IaaS services showing configuration and amount of virtual resources, with access to statistical data.

    In the end of the testing period a list of necessary updates and corrections will be prepared, to expand and improve the functionality of the portal. Future iterations of the portal and implementation of new functions will take place every 2-3 months.

    “The project is based on the state-of-the-art technological stack: CI/CD, Kubernetes, microservice architecture and Git. The programming languages used in this project were Golang for back-end and TypeScript for front-end components on the React framework, with the Clickhouse database and the Redis cache. The portal was deployed on the company’s own cloud platform.

    Development took about eight months. 2,500 hours were spent on back-end development, while front-end development took about 600 hours on. Approximately 200 tasks were solved in the process, and about 60 bugs were successfully removed. The project team consisted of eight specialists,” comments Evgeny Podlevskikh, Cloud and IT Infrastructure Department Manager at Linxdatacenter.

    The functionality of the customer portal will be expanded soon with addition of the customer equipment monitoring, document flow management tools, options for ordering additional services, and a section of company news for customers. 


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