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Linxdatacenter launches new network solutions

Publication date - 26 June 2019

Linxdatacenter, an international expert in hi-tech data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, expands its portfolio of network solutions.

Linxdatacenter’s new products include a complex solution on construction and support of network infrastructure. The solution is primarily addressed to companies whose network infrastructure is being constructed from scratch or has grown obsolete and requires serious modification. Services offered to customers range from audit and design of network topology to equipment installment and support. On the basis of a thorough audit, Linxdatacenter prepares a detailed technical solution for construction or upgrade of customers’ infrastructure in order to eliminate its faults, improve security and scalability of the network.

The specialists of Linxdatacenter deploy and set up network infrastructure. Shift engineers provide round-the-clock support and monitoring of the network, identify and quickly resolve errors in the infrastructure operation, including remote sites where equipment is located.

Linxdatacenter also offers construction and management of the customer’s autonomous system. The service is intended for companies with big IT infrastructure who require fault-tolerant network and their own routing policy. The offer includes LIR registration, purchase of an autonomous system and a block of IP addresses, setup of routing protocols and traffic management.

Network infrastructure backup is available for DC customers needing uninterrupted connection. Connection stability is ensured by backup of routers organized with the VRRP protocol, as well as by backup of cross-connects and network equipment in the DC.

Another new service is the backup remote access to network equipment. The access is organized via a permanent connection of the COM port to the Linxdatacenter console server, with an option of switching between equipment units. The customer can remotely access one or several independent serial ports with a TCP/IP connection. Benefits of the service include fast network setup, independent access to the console in case of disruption of control, option of restoring network configuration from any point in time, comfortable administration using either Telnet/SSH or other clients. To increase security of the service, protection measures are implemented: additional authentication for remote connection and flexible demarcation of users’ rights depending on their roles.

“Network infrastructure of our customer companies grows and becomes more complex along with development of their IT systems, introduction of remote sites and cloud platforms into the infrastructure for the purpose of increasing the resources, backup of data and applications,” comments Andrey Perekrest, DC Manager at Linxdatacenter Moscow. “Our new services solve these tasks enabling customers to focus on their key business.”


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