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Linxdatacenter launches Secure Cloud based on the 152-FZ requirements

Publication date - 8 April 2019
Linxdatacenter, an international expert in high-tech colocation, cloud and connectivity solutions, has developed Secure Cloud 152-FZ, a virtual infrastructure service for companies processing personal data of the Russian citizens.

New service implements information protection measures complying with requirements of the Federal Law “On Personal Data” dated 27/07/2006 No.152-FZ. Linxdatacenter is registered as a personal data operator and is licensed by FSTEK RF (the Federal Technical and Export Control Service of the Russian Federation); its software tools are certified by FSTEK RF and FSB RF.

The service is intended for companies working with personal data on a regular basis: for instance, medical, insurance, ecommerce businesses. Secure Cloud 152-FZ helps companies to ensure compliance with the Russian law requirements without forcing them to become personal data operators themselves. The service may be adapted to suit customers’ needs with hybrid solutions and integrated into the existing IT infrastructure. Additionally, the solution stands out due to such features as quick launch and easy scalability of resources when a capacity increase becomes necessary.

The service is available in two configurations. Basic solution offers server tools for information protection, which are sufficient for providing personal data protection in information systems of the third and fourth security grades. Customized solutions are available for companies processing large amounts of personal data and requiring complex approach to data protection. With this service, the customer’s personal data storage system can be upgraded up to the second security grade while the customer obtains a full set of documents confirming the solution’s compliance with the Russian law requirements.
Fault-tolerant infrastructure is built on the VMware virtualization platform and possesses all benefits of Linxdatacenter’s own cloud platform, LinxCloud. Design of the solution’s architecture provides protection of all components: hypervisor, virtualization platform, hardware platform and data storage system, virtual networks, administration system. Access to the cloud is protected with certified cryptographic security tools. Customers receive written warranty of security and confidentiality of personal data processed in Secure Cloud 152-FZ.

“In development of the new cloud service we strove to create a product that would most accurately and reliably answer the needs of our customers processing personal data. Our future plans include Security as a Service, a complex solution for customers concerned with protecting their information systems as a whole,” says Boris Merkulov, Cloud and Information Security Engineer Linxdatacenter.

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