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Linxdatacenter confirms its compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS

Publication date - 21 October 2021

In line with the increase in non-cash payments in Russia, Linxdatacenter confirmed that its IT infrastructure and operational processes of its data centers are fully compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2.1).

Linxdatacenter passed PCI DSS recertification in accordance with the Standard’s requirements towards cloud providers and data centers. The audit of physical, virtual and network infrastructure of Linxdatacenter, its software and security systems was carried out by Compliance Control Ltd. 

PCI DSS certifies high security level of the company’s IT services, including virtual solutions (IaaS) in all regards concerning storage, processing and transfer of payment cards data. The requirements of PCI DSS are directed at protection of information whose unauthorized use may cause loss of confidentiality and money. 

Linxdatacenter’s practice is based on annual certification of data centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg for PCI DSS compliance, including both equipment and cloud deployed on its basis.

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) forecasts that the growth rate of card payments in Russia will exceed similar dynamics in the USA, Great Britain and Germany. The average annual transaction growth in Russia is estimated at 12%, while the payment amount will increase approximately by 9%. In the period of 2010-2018 our country observed a 30-time increase in non-cash card transactions. In 2020 BCG included Russia in the TOP-5 of countries to adapt individuals’ payment to the non-cash form during the pandemic.

“Today the high protection level of infrastructure and services is a necessary condition for successful development of a commercial data center. Regular audits carried our by certifying organization provide the company with an independent evaluation of the information security measures we implement in our operations,” comments Georgy Belyakov, Information Security Officer at Linxdatacenter.  


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