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Linxdatacenter improves performance of its cloud platform

Publication date - 24 December 2020

Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, has completed the upgrade of its cloud platform equipment at the St.Petersburg site. 

Specific requirements of high-load corporate applications of DC customers demanded an upgrade of data storage systems. This upgrade allowed to increase the speed of creating backups without affecting the continuity of business-critical IT services.

Growing number of enquiries about cloud services with higher computing speed and CPU resources’ availability became another reason for the hardware upgrade.

To implement the project, we selected VersaStack, a Cisco-validated solution design. It combines innovations of Cisco UCS Integrated Infrastructure and IBM Storwize storage systems. VersaStack is used in the variety of the vendor’s products including Cisco Fabric Interconnect, UCS and IBM FlashSystem data storage systems.

The solution is compatible with Cisco Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). It allows to create, launch and support applications on flexible and integrated IT infrastructure, targeted on cloud services, processing of large amounts of data, mobile and virtualized solutions.

Use of new high-frequency blade servers on UCS chassis Cisco B200 series M5 brought CPU output of Linxdatacenter’s cloud platform to a new level. The state-of-the-art versions of this equipment are now operating at the data center, with the latest generation 3.4 GHz processors Intel 6246R, which entered the market in the first quarter of 2020. Unlike previous generation processors, Intel 6246R can dedicate 16 cores to tasks while maintaining high clock frequency. 

Another major part of the upgrade affected the BaaS service, which can now engage the Direct Storage Access technology. It allows to create snapshots of the storage system and collect backups without addressing virtualization servers. 

This functionality is possible owing to Cisco S3260, a large four unit “combine” supporting 54 drives and Veeam software, which jointly ensure Direct Access via integration with the new data storage system IBM FlashSystem. 

“The hardware upgrade considerably increased our cloud’s computing capacity and allowed to improve the performance of high-load IT systems and solutions. This means in the first place 1S and SAP cloud platforms, ERP solutions and applications requiring processing of large amounts of data, various software development and testing tools. 

In the aspect of value for customers, it means that companies can spend considerably less time on major business processes. Regular capacity increase of our cloud platform is the strategy we adhere to in full compliance with the demands of our customers’ business growth and overall meshing of the modern IT landscape,” comments Olga Sokolova, General Director, Linxdatacenter Russia. 


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