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Linxdatacenter tallies up the annual results: new solutions, new expertise and expansion plans for 2020 en

Publication date - 29 January 2020

Linxdatacenter, an international expert in high-tech solutions for data storage, cloud services and telecommunications, summarizes its activities in the Russian commercial DC market in 2019.

Development of IT services centered on specific business tasks was in the focus of the company’s attention during the past year.

The subject of personal data protection in the context of law initiatives in Russia and the EU was drawing considerable interest throughout 2019, and Linxdatacenter responded with launching the Secure Cloud 152-FZ solution. It is a complex virtual infrastructure lease service for businesses processing personal data of Russian citizens.

The service integrates information protection measures in compliance with requirements of the Federal Law on Personal Data No.152-FZ dated 27th June 2006. This service suits the needs of companies regularly dealing with personal data (healthcare, insurance, banks, ecommerce) and helps businesses to satisfy the Russian Federation law demands in the respect of installed IT infrastructure. Linxdatacenter’s customers solve a significant share of tasks related to law compliance in a “one stop shop” mode and within the scope of one contract.

Personal data protection has become the key subject in the series of educational seminars conducted by Linxdatacenter in 2019. The attendance exceeded 150 people: Linxdatacenter’s leading experts along with the company’s customers and partners shared their experience and knowledge in personal data processing, information security and building of hybrid cloud solutions for business.

Linxdatacenter continued to develop the bunch of DC network solutions in 2019. New additions include a complex solution for network infrastructure construction and support, a service for creation and administration of the customer’s autonomous system, network infrastructure backup and backup remote access to network equipment.

The list of Linxdatacenter’s new services was also expanded with introduction of a container administration service, an equipment disposal service and launch of the company’s own internet exchange (IX).

Implementation of new solutions was accompanied by growth of the staff’s expertise in cloud services including work with the AWS global cloud platform.

Efficiency of the company’s operations found reflection in Linxdatacenter’s inclusion in rankings of the leading analytics agencies surveying various segments of the Russian IT market, such as services for carriers, IaaS, IT solutions for retail. The company occupied the third place in the rating of Russian DC operators and demonstrated good results in the top-100 biggest IT companies of Russia according to two major field media.   

“We are pleased with the 2019 results in all strategic areas. Improvement of network connectivity, advancement in the area of information security, new options for IT system construction based on hybrid clouds, launch of a personal data storage solution – all these initiatives undertaken in the last year justified our expectations as drivers of the company’s development. According to a preliminary estimate, Linxdatacenter’s revenue increased by 13%. 

Our development priorities in 2020 will include expansion of the company’s presence in Moscow, further growth of expertise in information security, as well as upgrade of network infrastructure aimed at construction of state-of-the-art multicloud solutions in cooperation with international operators,” comments Olga Sokolova, General Director Linxdatacenter Russia.


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