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Linxdatacenter enters TOP-10 of IaaS Enterprise Providers 2021

Publication date - 5 February 2021

Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, entered the first Russian ranking of IaaS Enterprise Providers 2021, posted by Market.CNews marketplace on 29th January 2021.

The company is among the top 10 leading IaaS providers in Russia. The ranking is based on complex methodology using seven major criteria of the market requirements. 

The criteria used in the ranking include virtualization platforms (hypervisors), certification, additional services, technical parameters of data centers where the solution is provided, quantity of specialists supporting the IaaS services, SLA and cost of the service. Providers’ compliance with each criterion was estimated in points, the sum of which was used to rank the providers.

The special feature of this ranking is a complex analysis of providers based on a variety of characteristics, while previous rankings usually used one concrete parameter to identify the IaaS leaders.

Ranking participants also received additional points for the state of physical infrastructure hosted in data centers: the importance of the redundancy factor, when all equipment is hosted on at least two different sites, in the service quality was emphasized.

Ownership of two Tier III data centers gained Linxdatacenter extra points in the ranking. The company’s expertise received an additional boost owing to Management & Operations Stamp of Approval by the Uptime Institute, which confirmed the quality of operational management of Linxdatacenter St.Petersburg.  

Linxdatacenter’s position was strengthened as well by its infrastructure and cloud compliance with the Russian personal data law (152-FZ), PCI DSS 3.2 and ISO certification.

More points were gained on the account of services related to customers’ migration to the cloud and IaaS setup, service customization options reflecting Linxdatacenter’s personalized approach policy, and the 99.95% SLA.  

“Our company already demonstrated good results in a similar SLA IaaS ranking. We are glad to confirm our competency in this field based on other parameters. In general, IaaS shows steady and confident growth today. This trend is justified both by the market requirements for business digitalization and by the impact of global factors on the economy, which strengthen the demand for leased infrastructure and virtualization. 

Linxdatacenter will maintain its focus on development of new IaaS-based solutions and perfection of available options, in parallel with upgrading infrastructure, technological and organizational aspects, which are fundamental for any IT provider,” comments Olga Sokolova, General Director, Linxdatacenter Russia.  


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