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Linxdatacenter grew by 30% in the cloud segment in 2020

Publication date - 17 March 2021

Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, reports its financial results of 2020. The overall growth of business in comparison to the previous year was 8%, with the largest increase of 30% observed in the cloud segment. 

These results exceed market expectations in general: the Gartner and iKS-Consulting analysts forecast that the market of public cloud services in Russia will grow by 20-27% in 2020, taking into account crisis changes in the economy. 

The experts of Linxdatacenter note that the DC market in Russia grew in 2020 mostly owing to increasing requirements of the business and the state regarding cloud solutions, virtualization of IT infrastructure, a need for secure and scalable digital environment for the staff’s remote work.  

In 2020, Linxdatacenter launched an entire ecosystem of solutions enabling customers to scale their IT resources, increase circuit bandwidth, create fully set-up, integrated and protected remote desktops, and employ tools for infrastructure backup. These solutions were based on the company’s own data centers and global cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services. This approach allowed to increase IT resources rapidly whenever operating load jumped up. 

Linxdatacenter’s business also developed due to demand for consulting services related to DC operations, when an IT provider helps customers to set up their DC management processes by improving operational processes. The company introduced an Outsourcing of Data Center Maintenance and Management service including DC audit, upgrade and maintenance

The market also demonstrated a clear need for complex solutions of network infrastructure construction and maintenance: Linxdatacenter undertakes to solve all tasks related to development and support of their customers’ network as a part of the Network-as-a-Service solution. A big scale project in this field was implemented in the summer of 2020 for a large enterprise. The project involved backup of all network nodes and increase of the network’s reliability as a whole. 

“2020 forced companies to focus on their key business and digitalize their operations as fast as possible, handing over an ever growing number of IT tasks to specialized IT providers. In this regard, the main challenge for the data centers was their ability to react to changes in the economy in time and offer state-of-the-art technological solutions to the market without delay,” says Olga Sokolova, General Director, Linxdatacenter Russia. “We have been expanding the range of our services and exploring new areas that became necessary during the pandemic: shift of our own staff to the remote work format, introduction of additional services of monitoring customers’ equipment and the DC infrastructure. We managed to utilize our acquired telecom expertise and start providing customized network solutions to the customers.

We got confirmation that our solutions, platforms and processes are adapted to force majeure situations, and our team is fully capable to react to the market changes quickly and professionally.”

As a part of the competencies development and quality increase strategy, Linxdatacenter passed the PCI DSS 3.2.1 certification asserting the quality of physical, virtual and network infrastructure of Linxdatacenter, its software and security systems for the purpose of carrying out secure digital financial transactions. The company was also reassessed for the Uptime Institute’s Management & Operations Stamp of Approval. Linxdatacenter still remains the only commercial data center in Russia with this quality stamp. The audit showed that Linxdatacenter improved its past results and even exceeded average results of data centers passing the certification of the Uptime Institute. Some of Linxdatacenter’s practices received high estimate of the expert committee and were included in the training courses of the Uptime Institute on DC maintenance.   

Another step in the expertise development was certification for ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity, which indicates protection of business processes from inerruptions and the speed of disaster recovery. 

2020 was not an easy year, with the need for organizing remote work. It demonstrated the necessity to change many internal processes. Aside from bringing events and internal communication into the online format, the company’s HR department introduced many measures aimed to support the team: taxi service for transportation, provision of individual protection means, COVID testing. Despite the external factors, the internship program successfully continued. Several internal digitalization projects were launched, including a corporate portal and a document exchange system. In order to strengthen teamwork and increase productivity, the company implement a project approach both for internal and external initiatives.  

Throughout the year Linxdatacenter was repeatedly present in various field rankings prepared by independent agencies, including Largest DC Providers, Largest IT Service Providers in the Enterprise Sector and Largest IT Service Providers for Carriers. The company entered the Top-3 in the ranking of IaaS Providers by SLA, thus confirming responsible attitude towards continuity and reliability of its services. Linxdatacenter entered the Top-10 of leading Russian IaaS providers of the Enterprise level as well, according to the CNews ranking. 


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