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Linxdatacenter launches a new service of deploying IT systems based on Cisco HyperFlex private server infrastructure

Publication date - 24 December 2018

Linxdatacenter has introduced a new service: private server infrastructure based on Cisco HyperFlex hyperconverged platform.

Cisco HyperFlex™ is a complex solution containing servers, data storage system, network infrastructure and virtualization platform. Absolute coordination of elements within simplifies system launch and administration, while the compact architectural design saves space and resources in comparison to traditional solutions. Modern IT terminology refers to this grade of solutions of as hyperconverged platforms (Hyper Converged Infrastructure, HCI).

The solution to single out HCI-based services as a separate service has originated from high demand from economy sectors actively involved in the process of business processes digitalization. Cisco HyperFlex is ideal for companies whose business is directly dependent on productivity and scalability of applications, databases, computing resources. This strategy requires the IT department to reduce time on servers’ maintenance and focus on priority tasks.

Linxdatacenter supplies the technical solution for this service and its team of engineers provides platform support and maintenance in the 24x7 mode. This “one stop shop” approach to customer service makes the migration of IT resources to a HCI platform considerably more comfortable for customers.

Short launch team (one day passes from unpacking of servers till the virtual infrastructure is ready for service), simple interface for interaction with the system, guaranteed compatibility with Oracle Database, SAP HANA, Microsoft SQL Server, as well as VMware, Citrix and Microsoft virtual environments, Kubernetes container administration, enabled access to resources of “global clouds” are just some technological opportunities and benefits of Cisco HyperFlex.

More information about technical, financial and organizational aspects of IT resources’ deployment on Cisco HyperFlex at Linxdatacenters, contact details of the project managers, service request form are available in the new section of the corporate website.

“Linxdatacenter is developing in many directions including provision of “turnkey” state-of-the-art infrastructure solutions for our customers. Opportunities of the HyperFlex hyperconverged platform exceed those of classic servers and make it a reliable foundation for digital transformation of a company’s business,” comments Andrey Zakharov, Products and Innovations Director Linxdatacenter.

“Many Cisco customers show growing interest for hyperconverged systems. In two years the number of implemented Cisco HyperFlex projects in Russia has nearly reached a hundred,” says Dmitry Khoroshikh, Business Development Manager Cisco. “Firstly, this is related to reduction of overall quantity and types of hardware components used in construction of a virtualization platform. At the same time functionality of a virtualization platform is considerably larger.

Secondly, HyperFlex is based on the Cisco UCS platform, the only fully automated server platform of its kind with 100% hardware administration via open API. The third factor is maximum productivity and flexibility of HyperFlex: no other solution on the market can compare in this regard.”

About Cisco

Cisco is the world leader in information technologies, contributing to the internet development since 1984. Our staff, partners and designed solutions provide safe connections and enable users to benefit from digital technologies today.

For more information about solutions, technologies and current activity of the company, visit www.cisco.ru and www.cisco.com, as well as on Twitter @CiscoRussia.


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