Linxdatacenter’s Moscow cloud is certified for storing data of Protection Level II

Publication date - 7 June 2021

Linxdatacenter completed certification of its cloud platform at the Moscow data center. The platform
now formally meets the requirements applied to IT infrastructure used for storage of personal data of
Protection Level II (PL-II).

With this assessment, Linxdatacenter confirmed its competencies in the field of processing personal
data and compliance with the Russian Personal Data Law requirements.
Protection Level indicates what exactly threatens the personal data in an information system.
Protection Level is determined by the type of personal data: special, biometric, generally accessible
etc., ownership: whether the data belongs to the staff of the personal data operator or somebody
else; quantity of personal data subjects: more or less than 100,000 people.

The type of threat, formulated in the Decree of the Russian Government No.1119 dated 1 st
November 2012, also matters. For example, type I threats are related to undocumented
(undeclared), i.e. latent functions in the system software used in the information system.
Type II threats assume presence of similar functions in the applied software. Type III threats include
all risks not related to the presence of undeclared functions in the system and applied software.
PL-II certification will enable the company to increase the level of protection of its customers and
expand the portfolio of services involving personal data processing.

“Cybersecurity continues to be an extremely important development direction for service providers
due to the growing number of threat types and models. For the customers, our cloud platform’s
compliance the PL-II requirements means a considerable relief in terms of costly and time-
consuming processes of IT infrastructure assessment and certification,” comments Georgy Belyakov,
Information Security Specialist, Linxdatacenter.

Linxdatacenter systemically works on upgrading security of the data storage, processing and transfer
systems in its data centers. Two years ago the company was licensed by the Federal Security Service
of Russia for data encoding.

About Linxdatacenter
Linxdatacenter is a global provider of high-end colocation, cloud and connectivity solutions for
business. Active since 2001, Linxdatacenter operates in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the

Linxdatacenter provides cloud and colocation solutions at its TIER III compliant data centers in
Moscow and Saint Petersburg, as well as at partner data centers in Warsaw and Frankfurt. It also
offers fast connectivity to global cloud services, such as Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud
Platform. The company is certified to provide infrastructure and legal solutions in compliance with
personal data legislation (FZ-152).

The company’s data centers are certified under ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and PCI DSS standards. High
operation standards of Linxdatacenter are confirmed by the Uptime Institute's Management &
Operations Stamp of Approval.


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