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Linxdatacenter becomes the first Russian data center to pass ISO 22301:2019 certification with AR and smart glasses

Publication date - 25 March 2021

Linxdatacenter in St.Petersburg has passed the BSI certification for meeting the requirements of the international standard ISO 22301:2019 remotely.

Linxdatacenter became the first data center in Russia certified by the international auditor BSI for ISO 22301:2019. 

Remote audit using augmented reality technologies and smart glasses was the unique feature of the certification project. The pandemic required to organize the process and fully submerge the auditor into it without a physical visit to the data center. The BSI auditor could observe all processes running in the DC in real-time and without leaving the workplace, while Linxdatacenter team could send data to the virtual and augmented reality platform for a review by the BSI exerts using direct secure channels.

The ISO 22301 Business Continuity is an acknowledged international standard establishing requirements for the management system aimed at ensuring the company’s uninterrupted operations, decrease of probability of interruptions and creating conditions for fast disaster recovery 

It is the first ISO standard based on high level structure (HLS), which is currently harmonized with other management systems’ standards recognized worldwide, such as ISO 9001 quality management and ISO/IEC 27001 information security management standards.  

The pandemic affected business operations across the world and led to an increase in requirements for business continuity, particularly in regard to business-critical processes. The standard’s update to the ISO 22301:2019 version, which Linxdatacenter was certified for, reflects that. 

In particular, this version pays more attention to planning changes in the business continuity management system, there is a more concrete action plan for continuity strategy and compliance plans have a clear instruction to cooperate with the specialists eliminating discrepancies. 

“The ISO 22301:2019 certification corresponds with our strategy for ensuring compliance with the best world practices and requirements for DC management system. ISO is the basic element in the certification system of any serious international business, a quality stamp of a company which is recognized by the entire business community. 

DC certification for Business Continuity in the interpretation of the best international experts at BSI is a result of our many years’ work on perfecting operational management, which is noted by the leading field institutions,” comments Taras Chirkov, DC Manager of Linxdatacenter St.Petersburg. 

“Linxdatacenter’s ISO 22301 certification proves that the company has processes and procedures providing reliable protection against breakdowns, decreasing their probability, allowing to prepare for them, react and recover if they occur. This certification also provides assurance to the company’s customers that Linxdatacenter uses best practices and is able to improve their own business continuity,” adds Gigi Robinson, Head of Information Security and Business Continuity at EMEA Regions, BSI. 


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