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Linxdatacenter enters Top 3 IaaS providers ranking regarding SLA

Publication date - 31 August 2020

Linxdatacenter, an international expert in the field of high-tech data storage solutions, cloud services, and telecommunications, announces its entry into the first SLA rating of cloud providers in Russia compiled by Market.CNews IT marketplace.

The subject of this market research was the most important parameter that is taken into account when choosing a provider of IaaS cloud infrastructure - Service Level Agreement. The availability of infrastructure, the uninterrupted provision of IT services, and, ultimately, the work of the customer company depend on the ability of the provider to comply with the specified parameters of the service.

Linxdatacenter ranked high 3rd position in the final list of cloud providers with 2191 points obtained. Points were awarded for the availability of infrastructure, compensation for downtime, speed of incident processing, and a number of additional parameters.

In the calculation, the following estimate was used:

  • 4 minutes of availability per month are estimated as 10 points. To get away from large numbers, points for declared availability were awarded regarding the basic availability, adopted at the level of 99%.
  • Also, prevention is considered inaccessibility with a coefficient of 0.1. Since the overwhelming majority of accidents fall within 1% of inaccessibility (7.2 hours per month), the calculation was based on the average amount of company compensation in the availability section from 100% to 99%.
  • Points for other parameters were awarded as follows: for example, if prevention is carried out in pre-determined windows and does not affect the availability of services, then the period is assumed to be 10 days (30 points).

In addition, the possibilities of automatic fixing of failures by the data center monitoring system, the format of compensation (in descending order of preference: cash payment, discounts on current month services, future discounts and discounts subject to additional conditions), as well as the speed of a decision making process on providing compensation were taken into account.

When compiling the Market.CNews rating, the main emphasis was placed on the ratio of IaaS availability and the amount of compensation in case of a provider work interruption. The parameters are calculated as of May 25, 2020. In total, the rating included 16 providers of cloud platforms and services operating in Russia.

As noted in the study, Linxdatacenter guaranteed its place in the top 3, due to a high level of compensation, coupled with good performance in other respects.

“The guarantee of uninterrupted access to the IT infrastructure and consequently services and applications deployed on its basis at the company's sites are the Linxdatacenter’s basic benchmark. These tasks are given increased attention throughout the entire period of the almost 20-year history of our work.

We are constantly improving our work in the field of monitoring the operation of engineering systems, energy security, and the options for network connectivity of IT resources expanding at our sites.

High-quality management of operation processes eliminates the occurrence of emergency situations on the equipment and supports the uninterrupted nature of its work. In combination with a customer-oriented approach, this allowed the company to confirm the high level of SLA at our sites,” commented Olga Sokolova, Linxdatacenter CEO in Russia.


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