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Linxdatacenter entered the top 30 providers rating of IT solutions for telecom operators according to CNews in 2019

Publication date - 8 October 2019

Linxdatacenter, an international expert in high-tech solutions for data storage, cloud and telecom services, announces that it entered the CNews Analytics rating: “The Largest IT Providers for Telecommunications Operators 2019” held in course of the Telecom 2019 review of CNews network publication.

According to the results of the year 2018, the total revenue of the participants in the rating of the largest IT providers for telecom operators amounted to 104.1 billion rubles, while the threshold for entering the rating decreased from 380 million to 164 million rubles.

In general, in this segment of the IT market, analysts note two main trends: the active development of internal IT departments of telecom operators and the continued withdrawal of large IT companies from the market. Despite this, the segment of IT solutions for telecom in 2018 was able to resume its growth, having increased by 13.3% compared to 2017. The reason is the activation of companies that were not previously in the top 30 of the rating.

In their forecasts, analysts also note a high probability of further changes in the composition of the rating participants and the distribution of positions between them, that will replace the relatively stable state of market.

Linxdatacenter entered the new CNews rating for the first time, ranking 26th in it with the “Project Telecom Revenue with VAT in 2018” indicator being 341 million 846 thousand rubles. This corresponds to a share of 30.3% of the total annual revenue of the company.

Note that today 60 telecom operators are represented at two sites of the company in Russia (40 in Moscow and 20 in St. Petersburg), which is one of the highest figures in the data center market in the country.

“Entering the rating can be explained by the general development of company’s network infrastructure, which, in turn, is a consequence of the expansion and complication of the IT system, with the inclusion of remote sites and cloud platforms in the infrastructure. Also, the growth of the network component is influenced by customer requests for ensuring network resiliency and protection against data loss, companies' interest in the clouds, hybrid and distributed IT systems architectures to create modern effective business solutions based on digital tools,” Olga Sokolova, Linxdatacenter Russia regional director, commented.

So, in 2018, in partnership with Megaport, Linxdatacenter began providing its customers with a dedicated channel for connecting customer infrastructure with the world's largest digital service providers - Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle Cloud, IBM Cloud, Salesforce, Alibaba Cloud and suppliers services integrated into the Megaport Marketplace. Moreover, Linxdatacenter plans to launch another channel of connectivity with European and global cloud providers in 2019 and expand the available portfolio of services on that basis. 

In 2019, the company also launched a comprehensive solution for the construction and maintenance of network infrastructure, that is addressed to the companies which network infrastructure is at the planning or scaling stage or requires a highly professional technical audit from the outside. A wide range of services is offered to customers - from audit and development of network topology to equipment installation, configuration and monitoring in 24x7 mode.

Another new service was backup remote access to network equipment. The service is provided through constant connection of the COM port to the Linxdatacenter console server, through which secure remote access is provided in case of loss of control. At the request of the client, reconnection of the cross-connection within the rack is possible by the duty shift.

In addition, the company also launched the Looking Glass service, which makes it possible to execute simple commands on routers and carry out diagnostics as well as to understand how the router "sees" the desired network.

Note, that earlier Linxdatacenter entered the CNews rating “The Largest IT Companies of Russia 2018”, and also rosein the ranking of Russian IaaS providers by five positions, taking 13th place in it.


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