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Linxdatacenter rises in the CNews ranking of Russian cloud providers

Publication date - 1 August 2019
Linxdatacenter has jumped five places in the ranking of Russian IaaS providers from 18th to 13th place demonstrating a 35% increase in the turnover on cloud projects. The ranking has been prepared by CNews Analytics using data gathered in the IT market. Linxdatacenter’s positive dynamics matches the general trend in the virtualization market which has grown by 50% in 2018. Good financial results and high business development rate are largely owed to competent choice of technological base: the LinxCloud platforms are built on reliable solutions by VMware and Cisco.

Today Linxdatacenter continues to develop virtual services. Veeam-based backup service and the secure cloud 152-FZ are among the latest products introduced to the market by the company. New cloud platform complying with all SAP and PCI DSS requirements is to be launched in the near future.

“Development of cloud solutions is one of our current business priorities. An ever increasing number of customers view virtual infrastructure as an alternative to traditional colocation in a data center or as a way to increase fault-tolerance of their IT systems by backing up the resources. We are certain that expansion of our suite of virtual solutions along with constant work on improving their quality and reliability will allow us to become one of the leading cloud providers on the Russian market,” says Olga Sokolova, General Director Linxdatacenter Russia.

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