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Linxdatacenter has summed up the operational results of 2017

Publication date - 13 March 2018

Linxdatacenter has summed up the operational results of 2017. Financial revenue of the Russian branch of the company has amounted to €13.4 mln in 2017. In the aspect of amount of colocation services Linxdatacenter has made the Top 5 of the largest DC operators in Russia. The business growth is due to deployment of the first hyperconvergent cloud in Russia, creation of the international expertise center LinxLab, implementation of the Fast Cross Cable project, upgrade of the pricing system and simplification of customer support processes.

Linxdatacenter reports a 8% growth of revenue in 2017 in comparison to 2016. Growth was particularly notable in the colocation and cloud services provided in two Russian datacenters of Linxdatacenter.

Online retailers and content providers have become the most notable resource consumers among Linxdatacenter’s customers. Overall the Russian customers of Linxdatacenter demonstrate their increasing interest towards the hybrid model of IT infrastructure using own computing capacities and external cloud services. Taking this trend into consideration, Linxdatacenter has continued investing into development of colocation segment in 2017, partly owing to the sale of the non-core telecom segment of business allowing the company to provide connectivity services from Western Europe to Eastern Europe, Russia and Kazakhstan. The revenue from sale of this financially successful segment allows Linxdatacenter to fully focus on strengthening of its key businesses: colocation and cloud services in Russian and Poland.

Due to the focus on colocation and cloud solutions, the company has introduced several advanced technological solutions and services in the field of data storage to the market. In 2017 Linxdatacenter has launched the first hyperconvergent cloud in Russia. The partnership with Cisco Systems allowed to deploy a hyperconvergent platform HyperFlex at Linxdatacenter in Moscow, combining automatization of servers and networks, as well as a distributed disk storage. This solution supports a wide range of applications and workloads for a datacenter, and the platform administration is completely automated. The solution is based on the standard validated design by Cisco including both the virtualization platform and data backup solutions.

Linxdatacenter has also implemented the Fast Cross Cable (FCC) project aimed at high speed organization of cross-connects. The company’s datacenter in Moscow hosts more than 40 telecom operators, making it necessary to provide fast response to cross-connect requests. Linxdatacenter has altered the cable management process completely, enabling customers to establish connection between operators or change an operator within two hours.

Optimization of internal processes has been another result of 2017. Improvements in both datacenters have especially focused on ensuring comfortable work of the customers. Linxdatacenter has automated access of customers to their own racks, organized comfortable space for working with DC equipment, simplified the process of contacting customer support.

“In 2017 we have launched the program ‘Internal processes in the eyes of our customers’. Everything we do, we try to evaluate from the perspective of our current and potential customers. We have really done a lot in the past year, from rebranding and creation of the LinxLab Expertise Center to improvement of our customer support system,” comments Olga Sokolova, General Director Linxdatacenter Russia. “We constantly invest in the expertise of our staff; our goal is to become the expert and trusted assistant for our customers in the cloud services market. We have all we need to achieve that: specialists of international level with experience in creating complex solutions, technological partnership with leading vendors, three own datacenters and cloud platforms in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Warsaw.”

In 2018 the company anticipates business growth to exceed average market indicators, particularly due to expansion of the datacenters in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, new technological partnerships and cloud solutions, as well as entering new international markets of China and Scandinavian countries.


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