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Linxdatacenter connects to the cloud for free during the outbreak

Publication date - 2 April 2020

Linxdatacenter, one of the largest operators of data centers and cloud services in Russia, will provide companies, educational- and cultural institutions whose activities suffered from quarantine due to the COVID-19 pandemic, free access to virtual resources of its own cloud.

The quarantine and other pandemic-related restrictions have disrupted processes in many companies. Linxdatacenter offers a solution to those who face a sharp shortage of IT resources: companies that need resources to connect remote workstations for employees, businesses that urgently have to go online to work with consumers or retailers and delivery services whose websites and applications have a peak load now. In addition, Linxdatacenter intends to support cultural and educational institutions - museums, theaters andprojects in the field of science and education who do not have the necessary IT capabilities but also have to switch to an online format.

For 2 months access to IT resources in the Linxdatacenter cloud will be free within the specified parameters. In case of a request for a larger volume, resources which excessthis offer will be provided at a discount.

Virtual infrastructure will be available in the following configuration: 

  • CPU - 32 GHz 

  • RAM - 32 GB 

  • SAS+SSD - 200 GB 

  • 50 Mbps channel

The offer is valid from 01.04.2020 to 05.31.2020.Linxdatacenter can make a decision to extend the offer in line with development of the economic situation.

In addition to the virtual infrastructure, you can order backup and personal data protection services, also provided on special conditions.

To get free access to the cloud, leave a request on the Linxdatacenter website: https://ru.linxdatacenter.com/action/

“Many companies today find themselves in an extremely difficult situation, caused by sharp changes in the functioning of society and the economy. Linxdatacenter recognizes the complexity of the situation. The IT resources that we have allow us to support other organizations. We hope, this will help many people who find themselves in difficult conditions, ” - commented Olga Sokolova, General Director Linxdatacenter Russia.


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