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Linxdatacenter enters the CNews ranking TOP 50 IT Providers in the Industrial Sector for the first time

Publication date - 10 June 2020

Moscow, Russia: Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, entered theLargest IT Providers in the Industrial Sector 2019ranking comprised by CNews Analytics as a part of the CNews’ review IT in Industry 2020.

Aggregate turnover of the companies in the ranking of largest IT providers in the Russian industrial sector in 2019 was 72.8 billion roubles.

Analysts note that with each year industrial enterprises become more active as participants and beneficiaries of digital transformation.

This affects the turnover of IT providers in this field: the growth in 2019 was 15% and the same dynamics is forecast for 2020.

Linxdatacenter entered the CNews’ ranking for the first time. The company’s last year turnover from supplying IT solutions to industrial enterprises amounted to 212 million roubles including VAT.

“With development of digital solutions for business and state, the number of companies in all segments of economics coming to appreciate their usefulness in regular operations is ever increasing. Linxdatacenter’s portfolio of IT services offers a variety of solutions for any businesses regardless of their scale and field.

Production, power, housing and communal sector and other large-scale, strategically important industries are catching up to other economic sectors, more advanced in the digital aspect. 2019 was crucial for us in this regard: we observed an increase both in the number of enquiries for specific services and in the demand for customized complex solutions in the industrial sector.

This trend led to growth in the number of our customers in the industrial sector and had a strong impact on the company entering the ranking,” comments Olga Sokolova, General Director Linxdatacenter Russia.

According to her, despite all the difficulties of 2020 large players will not alter their course for digitalization and automatization of processes and resources. Some of the smaller companies may possibly adjust their plans but top-level businesses in the aforementioned economic branches will definitely continue the digitalization process.

This permits the providers of IT resources, in their turn, to view the industrial sector as one of their key sales driving force. The pandemic also affected operating processes at many companies and, consequently, stimulated the demand for various IT tools including remote work solutions, automatization of routine processes and tasks with high level of life and health hazards.


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