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Linxdatacenter divests Warsaw data center to US-based EdgeConneX

Publication date - 13 November 2018

Data center and cloud provider Linxdatacenter, with presence in Amsterdam, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw, announces the sale of its data center facility in Warsaw, Poland to US-based EdgeConneX.

Data regulations, the adoption of hybrid cloud and the need for gateway services into neighboring countries drive data center demand in Poland. Against this background, Linxdatacenter ownership and management of the Polish facility are no longer key differentiators.

Because the enterprise market in Poland adopted cloud solutions very quickly, demand for colocation services there is rapidly decreasing. Laws like the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) change the way companies engineer their IT infrastructure. These factors make the ownership of hardware and data centers less important. Access, knowledge, management and the combination of various cloud solutions have become the drivers for success.

Linxdatacenter retains ownership of its LinxCloud platform in Warsaw, a strategic asset for its Direct Cloud Connect solution and multicloud services. It continues to provide professional services to access and manage global cloud solutions (such as those of Amazon, Google and others), in combination with its private LinxCloud service for processing and storage of sensitive data.

“We are pleased that EdgeConneX will serve our Warsaw data center clients in the future,” says Heiko H. Koop, chief executive officer of Linxdatacenter. “The divestment of our Warsaw data center suits our focus on our cloud business. Our LinxCloud platforms in Russia and Poland and our excellent staff are the strategic assets we need to provide secure multicloud solutions for our Russian and international clients.

The proceeds of the sale will be reinvested in the company to extend our Moscow datacenter (Martha 8) and our Cisco HyperFlex™ multicloud platforms.”


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