• Linxdatacenter deployed an IaaS solution for Phenom People

    Publication date - 15 November 2021

    Linxdatacenter, the provider of hi-tech data storage, cloud and telecom services, supplied the global HR technology company Phenom People with an IaaS solution. The purpose of the solution was to optimize the company’s work with personal data.  

    Phenom People is a global HR company focused on developing advanced IT solutions for business and candidates. The company provides its clients with an access to the SaaS platform Talent Experience Management (Phenom TXM) based on AI technologies.  

    Phenom TXM offers universal solutions to candidates, recruiters, employees and managers, which allow them to eliminate multiple HR tools, save time and cost on candidate search, and assist with development of specialists’ professional competencies and their productivity increase. Combining AI-driven insights, intelligent search and holistic integrations, TXM provides users with personalized recommendations in the field of vacancies and career growth.  

    In day-to-day operations Phenom People needs to collect, process and store vast amounts of personal data of candidates, employees and recruiters. For current business processes the company uses its own IT infrastructure on the AWS platform.  

    Upon entering the Russian market Phenom People required expertise on the architecture of the IT infrastructure compliant with the local personal data law. The company needed qualified specialists and tools to deploy an IT solution meeting the key requirements of the Russian legislation and own information security standards.    

    In order to maintain usual practices and processes, Phenom People partially transferred its databases to the cloud of Linxdatacenter, using direct dedicated connection via the Direct Cloud Connect service. This ensured additional security for the transferred data and eliminated common risks related to the use of internet connection.  

    “Large international corporations expanding to the new markets experience an ever-increasing need for high quality and reliable connectivity between several cloud platforms. The deployed IaaS solution with data synchronization between databases in the clouds of Linxdatacenter and AWS allows Phenom People to support its business processes and maintain high quality standards,” comments Roman Shulimov, Sales Director at Linxdatacenter. 

    About Phenom People 

    Phenom People is a leading HR technology company specializing in the Talent Relationship Marketing category. The company delivers the Phenom Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform to transform the talent journey from interested candidates to thriving employees to enthusiastic brand advocates, while helping HR break the stereotype of being a cost center instead of a revenue generator. Phenom’s TXM platform provides companies with a unified solution which delivers a Career Site, CRM, CMS, Chatbot, SMS, Internal Mobility & Referrals, University Recruiting, Talent Analytics, and AI. The platform is built on artificial intelligence (AI), which drives personalization, automation, and accuracy for candidates, recruiters, employees, and management.