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Linxdatacenter received a license from the Federal Security Service of Russia to work on encryption

Publication date - 10 July 2019

Linxdatacenter, an international expert in high-tech solutions for data storage, cloud services and telecommunications, announces that it has obtained a license from the Federal Security Service of Russia for a range of data encryption activities (cryptography), including working with information systems.

This license covers the main activities listed in the Government Decree of April 16, 2012 No. 313 and FL-99, and is of an indefinite nature.

Obtaining a new license will help Linxdatacenter to develop its business as a service provider for a wide range of IT services in Russia. In particular, licensing will help the company to increase its autonomy while ensuring the protection of customer data and expand the range of services provided within the framework of personal data processing projects.

“Information security issues are particularly relevant today for a number of reasons: it is influenced by both the growing volume of existing types of data and the emergence of new models of interaction between people, companies and the state. The data is multiplying, its value is growing, it is becoming an attractive target for new types of attacks from intruders. No additional means of protecting can be considered as surplus, especially when it comes to data center”, Boris Merkulov, cloud solutions and information security engineer of Linxdatacenter noticed.

Linxdatacenter conducts consistent work to improve the security of data storage, processing and transmission systems in its data centers. The Federal Security Service license for encryption has become a new stage in the development of Linxdatacenter’s information technologies, and its receipt coincides with the beginning of the development of new network solutions in the company's practice, which will guarantee high quality data protection using advanced encryption tools approved at the state level.

“Obtaining a license from the Federal Security Service is Linxdatacenter's organic growth momentum in the field of information security. Despite the fact this type of license is not mandatory for the provision of data center services, the demand for such a license for service providers remains persistently high over the past few years. Not only requirements of tenders for the purchase of data center services contribute to it, but also customers who purchase services outside of tender procedures and who are extremely interested in receiving services through a one-stop-shop system. We are interested in expanding our portfolio and implementing new interesting and ambitious projects. We pay attention to the compliance of our work processes with both the best international standards and the legislation of the Russian Federation while implementing any activities. Customers, both new and those, whom we have been cooperating for a long time with, will benefit from our development in this direction. Expanding our expertise will help both of them in the implementation of their tasks”, Olga Ermakova, senior legal counsel and compliance specialist of Linxdatacenter, added.  


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