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Linxdatacenter entered the top 5 data center service providers in Russia in 2020 according to CNews

Publication date - 9 July 2020

Linxdatacenter, an international expert in high-tech solutions for data storage, cloud services and telecommunications, announces its inclusion in the CNews Analytics rating: “The largest data center service providers 2020” as part of CNews Data Center 2020 review.

According to the study, the number of racks at the largest Russian data center service providers in Russia in 2019 increased by 10% to 36.5 thousand units and, according to forecasts, will increase by almost 20% in 2020. The growth spurt is caused by an increase in the volume of accumulated and processed data as well as an increase in the number of information sources.

Linxdatacenter took 5th place in the ranking with a total number of racks at two sites in Russia being 2020 units, an area of machine rooms - 4431 m2 and a total capacity of 17 MW. The company also took a high place in the CNews Analytics ranking in terms of revenue from data center services with more than 1 billion rubles in 2019 and an increase of 15% annually. 

A feature of the Russian data centers market today is the high DC concentration in Moscow and the North-western federal district. The lack of new space, along with the limited availability of free resources of engineering networks and telecommunication hubs, slows down the pace of new racks construction and commissioning, which ultimately does not allow data center operators to grow at the necessary extensive rate.

The market today experiences a general trend towards consolidation and a decrease in the number of independent operators, which leads to a change in the balance of power in the ranking compared to last year. So, in 2020, a deal was closed to acquire DataLine assets by Rostelecom, and MTS acquired Avantazh data centers.

Meanwhile, Linxdatacenter continues to work on the implementation of the investment strategy to expand its presence in the Russian market and to increase the number of racks in strategically important regions of the country. Linxdatacenter plans to increase its market share in colocation, cloud and connectivity services based on its own IT infrastructure with sites in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Warsaw.

“Capacities consolidation in the market is one of the strategies for the large players business development in the field of data center services. However, it does not quite meet the growing demands of the Russian market in the field of data storage and processing.

The shortage of racks for computing power and storage in Russia is obvious today, and it needs to be addressed by creating new sites.

We are taking certain steps to solve this problem, providing the basic infrastructure and necessary services both by utilizing the existing space and finding suitable sites for the construction of new ones,” said Olga Sokolova, General Director at Linxdatacenter Russia. 


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