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Research by Linxdatacenter: only 23% of cloud providers submit a quote upon request within 24 hours

Publication date - 28 September 2021

With its partners’ assistance, Linxdatacenter conducted a survey of the Russian cloud providers and evaluated their work from the perspective of their initial contact with potential customers. 

The research focused on public availability of information supplied by providers on the internet, speed of their reaction to enquiries submitted via various channels and other components of customer engagement.  

The survey was conducted using the Mystery Shopper approach and included 26 tests of the Russian cloud market leaders. 

Enquiries were related to lease of a rack or servers with internet access, as well as IaaS services including readymade IT solutions (compliant with the Russian personal data law). Enquiries were sent to providers either via the website chat service or email. 

31% of providers demonstrated fast reaction (in two cases, the response followed within 10 minutes). 23% of companies showed slow reaction (from several hours to seven days in two tests). 15% of providers ignored the enquiry altogether, and mystery shoppers had to contact them additionally via a hotline call.  

About 80% of providers asked clarifying questions, contributing to the overall quality of service. Questions were mostly related to reasons for cloud migration, expected time of project launch, current tasks and budget. Providers also made enquiries about technical details and various aspects of the infrastructure’s compliance with the Russian personal data law.

54% of companies responded to an enquiry made via the customer chat at the provider’s website within 24 hours since the beginning of communication. 

In the second case, a customer’s request via email, most providers submitted their quote within 24 hours, except for 15% who took 6-7 days to prepare the quote. 

The mystery shoppers experienced difficulties while looking for documents necessary for working with a provider (contract templates, technical documents, rate clarifications etc): about 40% of websites contained no documents for initial review. 30% of providers did not have a calculator feature for the service cost estimate on their websites. 

Although all enquiries were related to standard IT services, the price spread was considerable: up to twofold difference in the cost of solution. The analysis showed that in most cases price fluctuations depended not on differences in the basic cost of resources but on the package of options and conditions included in the quote. Those included special payment terms, reduced amount of resources calculated in the cost estimate, characteristics of the offered internet access options etc. 

“The research revealed several issues and areas for improvement in the customer service quality. We managed to look at our work with “customer’s eyes” and discover spheres that require particular and urgent attention,” comments Evgeny Makarin, Solutions Architect Team Leader, Linxdatacenter 


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