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Linxdatacenter confirms its competence in Google Cloud technologies

Publication date - 19 December 2018

Linxdatacenter has confirmed competence of its staff specializing in cloud technologies. One of the company’s leading experts has passed certification in Google Cloud and received the official Professional Cloud Architect title. Maxim Khalkevich, Cloud & Security Team Leader, has successfully undergone the training and passed the exam confirming his professional knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform.

The certification program has been introduced by Google Cloud to grant the platform users, customers and partners an opportunity to demonstrate their professional competence in development and management of services based on Google Cloud technologies. The status of a professional Google Cloud architect indicates that the specialist possesses the skills necessary to design, develop and manage scalable, reliable and secure cloud solutions for business. Presence of such a specialist in a team confirms the organization’s readiness to leverage Google Cloud technologies.

Specifically, the Google Cloud certification asserts the specialist’s ability to:

  • design and plan a cloud solution architecture;
  • manage the cloud solution infrastructure;
  • design for security and compliance;
  • analyze and optimize technical and business processes;
  • manage implementations of cloud architecture;
  • ensure solution and operations reliability.

To pass the exam for Google Cloud certification one must have confident theoretical knowledge of Google Cloud architecture and technologies, as well as extensive practical experience in the building of cloud solutions.

The Google Cloud Platform has been on the market since 2008 and currently is in the TOP-3 of leading global clouds providers along with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. The turnover from Google Cloud Platform/ G Suite products in 2017 amounted to $4 billion.

“Google Cloud certification confirms high professional level of the Linxdatacenter cloud engineers and the company’s readiness to implement IT solutions based on global clouds. Our team of engineers constantly works on developing their professional skills and competencies, and their efforts help us deliver reliable and high quality services,” comments Andrey Zakharov, Products and Innovations Director Linxdatacenter.


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