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Linxdatacenter Saint Petersburg confirms its compliance with the requirements of Management & Operations Stamp of Approval by Uptime Institute

Publication date - 18 August 2020

Moscow, Russia: Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions with headquarters in the Netherlands, successfully passed Management & Operations Stamp of Approval reassessment.

The first audit of the company’s data center in Saint Petersburg took place in 2018. Experts of the main certifying industry organization Uptime Institute assessed qualification and skills of the staff, equipment maintenance process and internal policies regulating DC operations. The data center was attested as M&O-compliant, its management quality meeting the operational sustainability requirements of Uptime Institute.

For the purposes of reassessment, the repeat audit of the data center was carried out in July 2020. Several areas were evaluated:

  • organizational structure, 
  • maintenance processes, 
  • planning and management of resources, 
  • staff training system. 

While back in 2018 the data center had scored 84 out of 100 points, this time the assessment score reached a considerably higher level of 95.1. Linxdatacenter scored well above the average of other data centers that have completed multiple M&O reassessments.  This result demonstrates that Linxdatacenter continues to operate at a very highly effective level, and the implemented methods allow to minimize risk of outages due to human error. 

Certain practices of Linxdatacenter – for instance, the fuel quality control method, the system of regular knowledge testing for DC engineers – were noted by the expert committee and incorporated in the DC maintenance training course run by Uptime Institute. Currently Linxdatacenter Saint Petersburg remains the only commercial data center in Russia with a valid Management & Operations Stamp of Approval.  

“We implemented many methods and recommendations of Uptime Institute in our DC maintenance process and appreciated their efficiency. Audits conducted by third parties also showed that in the process of preparation for Uptime Institute’s assessment our DC began to exceed their expectations in the aspect of maintenance”, says Taras Chirkov, DC manager of Linxdatacenter Saint Petersburg. 


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