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15.11.2021 Linxdatacenter deployed an IaaS solution for Phenom People

Linxdatacenter, the provider of hi-tech data storage, cloud and telecom services, supplied the global HR technology company Phenom People with an IaaS solution. The purpose of the solution was to optimize the company’s work with personal data.

26.10.2021 Linxdatacenter: demand for hybrid clouds in 2022 will grow by 30%

The transfer of business to hybrid models of resources consumption, which combine local, private and public cloud environment in a single solution, is one of the defining industry trends of 2021. The demand for hybrid solutions in the Russian Federation will increase by 30% in 2022.

21.10.2021 Linxdatacenter confirms its compliance with the requirements of PCI DSS

In line with the increase in non-cash payments in Russia, Linxdatacenter confirmed that its IT infrastructure and operational processes of its data centers are fully compliant with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard 3.2.1).

01.10.2021 Linxdatacenter: how to ensure ten years of DC uptime

Linxdatacenter in Saint Petersburg reported ten years of uptime in September 2021. The key task of any data center is to minimize the number and length of downtime periods. Uptime Institute, the global DC expert community, notes positive dynamics in this field: the share of data centers worldwide reporting serious interruptions dropped from 11% in 2020 to 6% in 2021.

28.09.2021 Research by Linxdatacenter: only 23% of cloud providers submit a quote upon request within 24 hours

With its partners’ assistance, Linxdatacenter conducted a survey of the Russian cloud providers and evaluated their work from the perspective of their initial contact with potential customers.

20.09.2021 Linxdatacenter passed the M&O reassessment of the Saint Petersburg data center with a new record

Linxdatacenter has successfully passed the reassessment of its Saint Petersburg data center for compliance with the Management & Operations Stamp of Approval. Linxdatacenter is currently the only DC operator in Russia carrying the M&O Stamp of Approval by the key industry certifying organization Uptime Institute and having confirmed its compliance with the M&O requirements for the third time in succession.

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