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    20.04.2022 Cause of burnout: Investigation of OVH data center fire

    The investigation of the fire that destroyed OVH's Strasbourg Data Center (SBG2) in March 2022 concluded that the unfortunate event was a result of catastrophic violations of fire safety requirements. Here we take a closer look at the circumstances of the fire and make a list of dos and don'ts for the future.

    13.04.2022 Standard security: Why does ISO 27001 compliance matter?

    Ensuring the right level of information security with the ISO 27001 standard: cybersecurity strategy, planning timeframe, and performance assessment.

    09.03.2022 The art of disaster recovery

    In the light of recent geopolitical events, DDoS attacks on information systems hosted in Russia have multiplied. The increased number of attacks was reported by reliable media citing trusted sources in the Ministry of Digital Development of Russia. In such circumstances, disaster recovery services can help to ensure the continuous functioning of business systems. Right now, a DRaaS solution based on a cloud located in Europe can minimize the risks of cyberattacks. That’s why we call Linx Safe a smart move in the current business realities.

    25.01.2022 Choosing a cloud provider in Russia: Through the eyes of the customer

    Cloud providers' customer focus, competitive pricing, and advanced technology stack are powerful weapons against the competition. In this article, we will have a look at the results of Russian market research, including key challenges, achievements, and areas for further growth.

    21.01.2022 Data centers by the numbers: To build or to rent?

    Nowadays, big businesses have to determine whether to build their own data center or avail themselves of the services of data center providers. For the most balanced and high-quality assessment, it’s important to clearly understand a data center’s financial model.

    03.12.2021 Retail, banks, industry, and startups: what can cloud solutions do for them?

    Today's cloud solutions are evolving towards virtualized environments with built-in tools that allow companies without advanced IT competencies to launch new digital products. Olga Sokolova, General Director of Linxdatacenter, talks about current cloud capabilities using examples of business cases.