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21.09.2021 MBA, based on personal experience: diversity, academic approach and self-understanding

What is an MBA right now – a fundamental academic education or a course on diversity and inclusion? Why do we need an MBA today – for a new approach to business or self-development? Olga Sokolova, CEO of Linxdatacenter, answers these questions based on her own MBA experience.

27.02.2020 Why doing IT business in Russia is a good idea

Business practice in modern Russia is the subject of almost as many legends in the West as once upon a time in the USSR.

15.01.2020 Cloud Service Provider Chooses Cisco HyperFlex to Fuel Growth

Because it started as a telecom company, Linxdatacenter was in a position to recognize a great untapped opportunity in the data center market in Russia. It bought its first data center in Moscow in 2007 and has expanded the business year by year.

05.08.2019 Demand for digital transformation grows in Russian business & trading partners: Linxdatacenter

According to the world bank, and figures from Deloitte, the Russian economy is doing pretty well. Certainly, after the global financial crisis of 2008, the country bounced back very quickly, thanks in part to its natural reserves of energy which helped it weather the storm better than some of its European neighbors without their own resources.

10.06.2019 GSOM MBA students visited the Linxdatacenter Data Center

On June 5, 2019, a group of 20 GSOM SPbU students and professors of MBA and Executive MBA programs visited the Linxdatacenter Data Processing Center in St. Petersburg.

07.06.2019 Negotiate the legal minefield in Russia and beyond with Linxdatacenter

Companies doing international business have always had to pay attention to variations in local preferences, laws and customs. In recent years, the need to recognize such differences has hit home in terms of data protection and the way organizations secure personal and personalized data (PD).