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07.04.2019 Clouds with a Russian flavor, but worldwide reach: Linxdatacenter

The Internet was designed to be an egalitarian place, and the majority of its first users were academics and researchers at different ends of the globe exchanging ideas, research results, advice and inspiration.

04.04.2019 From Russia with love

Heiko H. Koop is the CEO of Linxdatacenter, an international company specializing in colocation, cloud and connectivity solutions, and one of the largest commercial data center provider in Russia. Having taken over the leadership of the company in 2013, Heiko recently initiated its restructuring by selling its telecom sector business to Hong Kong based CITIC and the Polish data center to EdgeConneX.

22.11.2018 Linxdatacenter Connects Russian Companies To Main Clouds Via Megaport Alliance

The company recently sold its Polish data centre to concentrate on the growing cloud connectivity market while holding onto its Russian data centres.

06.11.2018 EdgeConneX Expands European Footprint By Entering CEE Data Centre Market

US operator cements global expansion strategy with latest M&A giving it access to a market of over 300 million people.

03.02.2017 CITIC Telecom CPC expands global reach with completion of Linx Telecom buyout

CITIC Telecom CPC has finalized its acquisition of Amsterdam-based Linx Telecommunications, following completion of all regulatory clearances.