Confidentiality policy


20 June 2017

Protection of your personal data is very important to Linxdatacenter. The subject notice («Policy») describes Linxdatacenter’s policy on protection of personal data in regard to the website located at the address linxdatacenter.com («Website»). We can make alterations to this Policy from time to time, stating the date of the latest changes in the beginning of the page, so we recommend you to visit it periodically. By using the Website, you acknowledge and accept this Confidentiality Policy. Continued use of the Website after the posting of changes in the Confidentiality Policy will mean acceptance of such changes.

General information

The Policy has been prepared in compliance with the Russian Federation legislation concerning protection of personal data and applies to all personal data that Limited Liablity Company Svyaz VSD (OGRN 1037713010444, 127083, Moscow, 8 Marta Street 14, bld.1, hereinafter Linxdatacenter) may receive from the personal data subject while the latter is using the Website. Personal data is processed by Linxdatacenter lawfully and justly and is limited to achievement of specific, preliminary determined and lawful purposes. Personal data is only processed in the amount corresponding to the purpose of its processing. Content and amount of personal data processed by Linxdatacenter meets the declared purpose of processing, excessive use of personal data is not permitted. While processing personal data Linxdatacenter ensures accuracy of personal data, its sufficiency and, if needed, its applicability for the purpose of processing. Linxdatacenter undertakes necessary measures (ensures their undertaking) for deletion or clarification of insufficient or inaccurate personal data. Storage of personal data at Linxdatacenter is organized with a method allowing to identify the personal data subject, no longer than required for the purpose of personal data processing, unless a different period is required for storage of personal data by a federal law or contract identifying the personal data subject as one of its parties, a beneficiary or a guarantor. Processed personal data is subject to destruction or depersonalization upon achievement or cancelation of the purpose of processing unless otherwise stated by the federal law. Linxdatacenter uses both automated and not automated, paper-based processing of personal data. Specific persons are appointed at Linxdatacenter to be responsible for organization of processing and protection of personal data. Linxdatacenter and other parties who have gained access to personal data, are obligated not to disclose to the third parties and not to distribute personal data without consent of the personal data subject, unless otherwise stated by the federal law.

Confidential information and unrequested (electronic) messages

With the exception of information provided by the Website user via submission of the «Feedback» form on the Website, unrequested emails and other information sent to Linxdatacenter, will not be considered confidential, can be disclosed to other parties or remain unanswered and will not create any contractual relationships, including those between a contractor and a customer, as well as lead to the beginning of confidentiality obligations on behalf of Linxdatacenter. If you are have not yet become the customer of Linxdatacenter, please do not send us any confidential information.

What information we collect

Linxdatacenter may request from your personal or other information at certain moments of the Website use. Depending on what information and/or service you request, we may ask you to submit your name, email address or other data. Full list of requested information is provided in the consent for processing of personal data. Aside from information you are consciously providing, Linxdatacenter collects information about domain names and IP addresses of visitors, as well as usage statistics (for example, what kind of browser and operating system you use) and the browsing history. This data is used for more efficient operation of Linxatacenter’s business, promotion of our services and the Website administration. Linxdatacenter can combine this data with personal and other information. By using the website, the visitor consents to collection and processing of the indicated above personalized information for the declared purposes and by indicated methods.

How Linxdatacenter uses your information

Linxdatacenter may use your information in order to:

  • provide you with personalized content;

  • process and respond to an enquiry;

  • fulfill the purpose for which you have provided the information;
  • improve the content and usability of the Website;
  • notify about new options, special events and offered services; and
  • fulfill the Terms of Use.

Information collection

In addition to the methods described above we, along with our service suppliers, use cookies, web beacons, pixel tags and other methods of digital marking. This allows us to collect information about pages visited by the user, which news the user reads etc. Thus we monitor functioning of our Website and work on its improvement on the basis of this information. Along with our service suppliers, we use this information to monitor and improve our Website, as well as to show to you Linxdatacenter’s advertisements while you visit other websites. Instruction of prohibition of use and deletion of cookies can be found at allaboutcookies.org.

Transfer and use of depersonalized information

Linxdatacenter may use depersonalized information (clear of any data that allow to identify you) for any purposes and freely hand it over to third parties.

How we protect information

Linxdatacenter strives to protect your personal information from loss, improper use or alteration. Our servers are protected with reasonable physical and electronic means of security. In particular, safety of personal data during its processing in Linxdatacenter’s information systems is provided with the system of protection of information with limited access including organizational measures and means of information protection, tools for prevention of unauthorized access, as well as information technologies used in the information system. In order to ensure safety of personal data during its processing Linxdatacenter applies necessary and sufficient legal, organizational and technical measures for protection of personal data from unlawful or accidental access, deletion, alteration, blocking, copying, sharing, distribution, as well as other unlawful actions towards personal data. Linxdatacenter aims to ensure that all actions of Linxdatacenter focused on organization and technical protection of personal data were lawful, including compliance with the Russian Federation legislation in regard to processing of personal data. In order to provide adequate protection of personal data Linxdatacenter estimates the damage that can be caused to the personal data subjects by violation of safety of their personal data, and determines actual threats to safety of personal data during its processing in the personal data information systems.

How you can view or update your personal or financial data

To ensure your maximum control over your personal and other data, you can make changes to it by sending us a request, as indicated in the Contacts section. We will apply all reasonable efforts to process any changes you make. Nevertheless, requests for data deletion are processed with consideration of Linxdatacenter’s internal policy regarding reporting and data storage, as well as all applicable legal obligations.

International transfer

We operate in several countries, and your data may be send to our foreign offices. The Website is hosted on servers situated in the Russian Federation. In the process of work Linxdatacenter may carry out transboundary transfer of personal data into the territory of foreign states to the foreign authorities, foreign citizens or companies. The issues of ensuring adequate protection of rights of the personal data subjects and security of their personal data during transboundary transfer are the matter of highest priority to Linxdatacenter, and these issues are resolved in compliance with the Russian Federation law regarding personal data processing.


If you no longer want to receive messages from us, please email us at marketing@linxdatacenter.com.


The Website may contain materials and references to other websites and internet resources. Due to impossibility of constant monitoring of information distributed and available on such websites, as well as risks of outside interference into their content, Linxdatacenter is not responsible for the practice of personal data protection, any information on these websites or software downloaded from them, along with actions or inaction of the websites’ owners and visitors.


If you have questions, doubts or proposals referring to this Confidentiality Policy, please contact us using the Feedback Form or send us a letter indicating its recipient by mail addressed to any of our offices:

  • Moscow, the Russian Federation;
  • Saint Petersburg, the Russian Federation;
  • Warsaw, Poland;
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Please do not send us any confidential information if you are not the customer of Linxdatacenter.

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