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Dedicated direct connectivity for multicloud environments

Key Benefits

Private secured access to global cloud platforms
Wide range of locations and cloud providers
Guaranteed speed and quality parameters
Flexible bandwidth control on daily schedule
Implementation and support services


Multiple cloud services

Business Case:

  • Companies need to use the services of Microsoft, Google, Amazon in compliance with the Federal Law # 242
  • Companies need to have a contract to provide services according to Russian standards.
  • It is necessary to have guaranteed connection of users with global cloud platforms.


  • Within 48 hours the company will have access to the requested cloud services.
  • Service from Linxdatacenter is provided in full compliance with the standards of the Russian Federation (Contract/Invoice/ACT)
  • The connectivity of the client infrastructure and cloud platforms Microsoft, Google, Amazon is created on the basis of a dedicated guaranteed channel with SLA.
Software Development and Integration

Business Case:

  • The company needs to organize additional computing power, run additional services for testing and development.
  • The company needs to create and use a development environment that is isolated from the core infrastructure and is securely associated with it.


  • The company gets the opportunity to use a wide variety of microservices from Microsoft, Google, Amazon and significantly reduce the time of software development and deployment.
  • The company quickly creates an environment with the necessary parameters of the network and pays only for the used resources.
Establishing new connections and optimizing existing ones

Business Case:

  • The company needs to quickly create a temporary channel / channels to migrate large amounts of data to a new location
  • The company requires secure, dedicated connection to global cloud platforms
  • The company needs to reduce the cost of maintaining existing communication channels.


  • The company gets the opportunity of fast connection and flexible management of communication channels through the support service Linxdatacenter
  • The company receives direct dedicated access to the Microsoft cloud, Google, Amazon with guaranteed parameters

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