• Global cloud network connectivity

    Linxdatacenter offers great solutions and has years of experience in connecting global and local companies to the cloud. We facilitate data migration to the cloud, via direct access to major cloud providers, such as Google cloud, Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

    We offer

    With our headquarters in Amsterdam, we offer 20 years of experience in providing infrastructure and cloud migration for Russian and European companies.
    Professional consulting to serve as a gateway to enter the Russian market
    Localization of Russian users’ data fulfilling the requirements of Federal Law № 242 to avoid significant fines ranging from RUB 1 million to RUB 18 million RUB.
    Rapid deployment of additional computing power for testing and development.
    Access to global analytics, machine learning and collaboration services.
    Connection to international as well as local network providers
    Connectivity between the company's IT infrastructure in Russia and beyond.

    Advantages of direct cloud connectivity

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    “Single window” service: connection to several providers under one agreement in rubles.
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    A wide selection of global cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud, Google Cloud and others. Diversification of cloud providers: whether you require AWS, Google Cloud, or an Alibaba Cloud connectivity, we will give you our expert opinion.
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    Dedicated channel with guaranteed speed and quality characteristics
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    Fast connection to the main points of traffic exchange: (IX) Equinix, DE-CIX, London-IX and AMS-IX.

    How it works

    Technically, the project is implemented through a connection to Megaport in STO1 in Sweden and Equinix FR5 in Germany, where Linxdatacenter also has a physical presence. 

    How connectivity with global clouds solves business challenges

    Work with a variety of cloud services and virtual and physical infrastructure
    • Microsoft, Google, and AWS direct connection of cloud services in compliance with the 242-FZ for data localization.
    • Signing a contract for the provision of services n  in accordance with the standards of the Russian Federation. 

    Technical requirements for cloud connectivity. 


    • Access to the requested cloud services  within 48 hours. 

    •  Provision of services in full accordance with the standards of document management and reporting in the Russian Federation. 

    • The connectivity of the infrastructure of the client  with Microsoft, Google, Amazon cloud platforms is created on the basis of a dedicated guaranteed channel with SLA. 

    Software development and integration
    • The oganisation needs additional computing power.  

    • Launch of additional services for testing and development. 

    • Deployment of an environment isolated from the main infrastructure, while reliably connected with it. 


    • Ready-made microservice database from Microsoft Azure, Google, Amazon. 

    • Time reduction for software development and deployment. 

    • Quick test environment  which is developed with the necessary network parameters. 

    • Payment is only done for actually used capacities. 


    Communication channels creation and optimization
    • Fast creation of a temporary channel / channels for migrating large amounts of data to a new location. 

    • Secure dedicated connection to global cloud platforms. 

    • Reduction of the costs of the existing communication channels.  


    • Quick connectivity and flexible management of communication channels  with the support from Linxdatacenter. 

    • Direct access to Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and Google Cloud with guaranteed channel settings.


    Connection of the multimedia service provider Okko to the AWS platform


    Okkoone of the largest Russian multimedia service providerssupplies its users with entertainment content round-the-clockMonthly audience of Okko is around 17 mln peopleThe service is constantly developing and implementing new technologies to ensure superior video and audio quality 

    Business goals: 

    • Data processing and analysis services. 

    • Sandbox for testing new solutions.  

    • Reliable and high-performance IT infrastructure for the services listed above 

    • To ensure comfortable administration, the services must be managed via a single interface and connected to the customer’s local infrastructure. 


    AWS cloud services were selected as the optimal platform for these tasks.  

    Technical implementation: Linxdatacenter provided to Okko a L2 circuit QinQ from the Moscow site of Linxdatacenter to the FR5 data center at Frankfurt. Using Linxdatacenter’s direct dedicated circuit as the basis, Okko organized Private and Public Virtual AWS platform. 

    The circuit by Linxdatacenter ensures minimum latency and stable work with the AWS Russia services. Backup circuit via a different provider guarantees reliable, uninterrupted connection.  

    Effect for customers: 

    Okko solves all their IT tasks described above using the AWS services:  

    • EC2 – cloud computing, 

    • VPC – private cloud 

    • S3 – data storage (backup),  

    • LambdaAthena  analytics,  

    • Route53 - DNS 

    • Elemental MediaPackage – preparation and protection of content for live streaming 

    In addition, Okko tests distribution of 4K content via CloudFront, CDN by AWS. 

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