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Ready compute resources in a resilient cloud based on VMware and Cisco

We offer

Compute resources

Virtual data center

Private cloud

Hybrid solutions

Server for lease

Benefits of cloud solutions

For business
For IT
Quick start
Fast infrastructure deployment and migration to virtual environment
Flexible scalability
Fast increase of resources for peak loads
Cost planning
Fixed monthly payments or pay-as-you-go model (PAYG)
Guaranteed availability
Fixed SLA

Linxdatacenter enters Top 3 IaaS providers ranking regarding SLA

Tasks solved with virtual infrastructure

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Creation of a distributed IT infrastructure for incorporation of company offices.
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Creation of test environments, development zones and sandboxes.
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Consolidation of company data and services and unification of IT infrastructure.
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Deployment of additional resources for peak loads.
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Fault-tolerance of high-load systems and business-critical applications.
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Allocation of redundant infrastructure and backup to cloud.
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Deployment of infrastructure for product systems: SAP, 1S, document flow systems.

Why us

Data centers of highest reliability
Validated architecture of virtualization platforms
Solutions by leading vendors: Cisco, VMware, NetApp, EMC, Veeam
Data storage and processing for compliance with regulators’ requirements
Expertise in building customized IT solutions
Certificates for compliance with international quality standards
Assistance in launch and support of applications
Technical support 24x7


Service Availability - 99,95%
Mean time to notify - 15 minutes
Mean time to Restore Service - 4 hour

Implementation options

LinxCloud virtualization platform
(Saint Petersburg, Warsaw) based on equipment by
Cisco, NetApp и EMC

Cloud operational environment VMware vCloud Suite

Duplicated commutation fabric Cisco Nexus

Computing resources Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS Manager


Storage resources

NetApp FAS 8000
storage system
SAS, SATA resources
EMC ScaleiO
storage system
SAS, SSD resources
HyperCloud virtualization platform
(Moscow) based on Cisco HyperFlex,
a one-vendor solution

Cloud operational environment VMware vCloud Suite

Duplicated commutation fabric Cisco Nexus

Hyper-converged resources Cisco UCS

Cisco UCS Manager

UCS Blades resources:
HyperFlex resources:

The HyperCloud platform is fully compatible with infrastructure based on Cisco HyperFlex and can be used as a buffering zone for seamless migration to a private cloud.

Calculate the cost

Choose a site
Specify the desired amount of computing resources
Processors, vCPU (vCPU = 2 GHz)
Operational memory, GB
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Backup based on Veeam solutions
Disk space, TB
Virtual machines, items
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A 100 Mbit/s channel and a registered IP address are provided.
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Choose the payment method
Payment upon the resource consumption
Monthly fixed payment
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*Services are provided in accordance with IaaS 2020 Key Terms and Conditions IaaS 2020 Key Terms and Conditions. The IaaS2020 Special Offer launches on 1st April 2020 and ends on 31st December 2020. The IaaS2020 terms are valid if the customer applies for Services during the indicated time period. In order to receive calculation and quotation for services you are interested in, please contact sales managers of Linxdatacenter/ Svyaz VSD LLC by filling in the service enquiry form on this page. Services are provided under the condition of technical feasibility, preceded by due diligence of the applicant carried out by Linxdatacenter/ Svyaz VSD LLC according to the company’s internal procedures, and after an agreement for Services is signed by the parties. Linxdatacenter/ Svyaz VSD LLC is entitled to change the discount terms at any time and without preliminary notice, including temporary suspension or termination of the discount policy.


  • vCPU (2.35 GHz) - 1 vCpu
  • RAM (Gb) – 2 Gb
  • HDD Medium - 50 Gb
  • Guaranteed Internet access from 50 Mbps
  • Licenses Windows, Microsoft RDP
  • 1 IP for VPN connection

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