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Kubernetes Cluster Management – Kubernetes Cluster deployment automation service

This service is based on the VMware Container Service Extension and is an extension for vCloud Director that allows you to create and manage Kubernetes clusters.

How it works

The Container Service Extension is added to your vCloud Director and a completely isolated organization-wide environment is created for VMware vCloud Director.
After the extension is added, vCloud Director makes the templates from the public directory available.
With the help of templates, you can start creating clusters immediately after getting access to the console and launch applications in a few minutes.

Kubernetes Cluster Management advantages

Not only virtual machines lifecycle management, but also Kubernetes clusters lifecycle management.
Pre-prepared templates for deployment, which makes it possible to launch the final application as quickly as possible (usually in a few minutes).
Availability of templates in the public catalogue for customers.
An isolated environment at the organization level.
Quick access to container orchestration in the cloud.

User types

Linxdatacenter Cloud Administrators
configure vCloud Director, the Container Service Extension configuration file, the Container Service Extension server, and virtual machine templates.
Client Organization Administrators and Users
can manage a Kubernetes cluster through the Container Service Extension (vcd-cli) client: deploy clusters, add work nodes, etc. To manage Kubernetes clusters, you need to understand the principles of infrastructure administration under vCloud Director and Kubernetes cluster management, as well as have accounts with the rights to create and manage vApps.
Developers and other users of Kubernetes
interact with clusters using kubectl. For these users, Kubernetes clusters work like any other Kubernetes cluster implementation. No specific vCloud Director or CSE administration knowledge or vCloud Director account is required.

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