Linxdatacenter helps to organize business processes in the face of increased load on the company's IT services. Our remote work solutions can facilitate a smooth transition to a work-from-home workforce.

    Work places from 2000 rubles per user per month.*

    Work from home via remote access system

    We understand the complexity of the transition to remote work

    and are ready to help you with it!

    • Terminal Servers
    • Remote Desktop Servers
    • Workstations with GPU
    • Amazon WorkSpaces services with a setup in 2 days
    • Secure VPN Connection
    • Microsoft Office 365, Visio, and Projects Services
    • User devices protection and scanning
    • Multi-factor authentication

    Migration and setup of remote workplaces — our approach

    We help you to determine the amount of required resources and select the most suitable remote access service scenario for your tasks:
    Create migration scenarios for your IT infrastructure
    Select optimal set of services and resources
    Organize dedicated channel between on-premises resources at the client’s site and cloud platforms
    Analyze the load and predict the consumption of resources
    Help in Active Directory setup and integration
    Configure access to corporate folders and applications from virtual infrastructure
    Setup users access rights differentiation
    Configure secure VPN-connection
    Protect connections and devices with Check Point SandBlast

    Still have questions?

    Rapid capacity for growth with remote access

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    Connect to global cloud providers and global IT platforms
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    Connect to global analytics, machine learning and collaboration services
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    Quickly deploy backup and test capabilities in Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, Nutanix XI and other platforms
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    Setup secure connectivity between IT infrastructure in Russia and beyond
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    Organize backup connectivity to the cloud and optimize network routes checked icon
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    Connect to the largest SDN providers, as well as to traffic and content exchange networks around the world: (IX) Equinix, DE-CIX, London-IX and AMS-IX

    Linxdatacenter network

    The sites of Linxdatacenter in Moscow and St. Petersburg are connected by a dedicated channel and also have direct connection to the SDN infrastructure of Megaport provider in STO1 in Sweden and Equinix Cloud Fabric in Germany.

    Connection to global providers and services in 1-2 days!

    Services for remote work

    Thanks to our connectivity with global providers, the customers of Linxdatacenter can set up virtual desktops in any popular service!

    • Amazon offers WorkSpaces,
      supporting both Linux and Windows desktops.
    • Windows virtual desktops in Microsoft Azure
      allows to deploy a VDI farm in Azure’s own private virtual network.
    • Desktops from Citrix,
      the leader in virtual desktop development, are available at most global cloud providers,including Oracle, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructures
    • Itopia Cloud automation stack on Google Cloud
      is ised to quickly deploy your new desktop to the Google Compute Engine
    • Nutanix Frame solution
      is available for deployment on Nutanix Xi Cloud, AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform.

    Setup remote work processes in common services!

    Linxdatacenter tips

    To help you choose the right set of services, we have prepared answers to the most common questions about switching to remote work via remote access solutions.
    Some employees use laptops, while others use desktop computers. What to do?

    To choose the right solution for remote work, decide which programs your employees work in.

    Depending on the work processes in your company, the following services may be suitable for you:

    • VPN – secure connection to office infrastructure. It is used to access network folders and software.
    • Terminal server a virtual server on which a set of the most popular and necessary office applications and software is installed. The connection is made via RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and the feature of the solution is that resources are allocated to all users and shared between them. Therefore, terminal servers are suitable for organizing work with mail in standard office programs.
    • VDI, or virtual desktop infrastructure – solution for organizing remote work with high-load applications. A virtual server with predefined settings and software for work allocated to each user. It is also suitable to work with programs for design and engineering.
    How do employees get access to company resources? Easy approach is preferable.

    We recommend you to create a dedicated VPN connection to ensure sufficient speed and security of the connection.

    Some resources are located in the office. What to do?

    It all depends on the features of your infrastructure. In one case, it will be enough to organize VPN connection, in the other – to transfer systems to virtual resources or use global cloud platforms. Please, contact us for a detailed advice

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