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Virtual infrastructure compliant with the Russian Federal Law “On Personal Data”

Processing of large
amounts of
personal data

Processing of large amounts of personal data

Ready solution
in compliance with 152-FZ

Ready solution in compliance with 152-FZ

Our services

Fault-tolerant cloud infrastructure based on VMware, NetApp and Cisco solutions
Personal data protection in information systems of III and IV security grades
Seamless migration of personal data to the Secure Cloud 152-FZ
Server tools for information protection
Building of hybrid environments
Easy solution scalability
Written warranties of security and confidentiality of the processed personal data
Consulting and support at all stages of service implementation
24/7 support by Linxdatacenter engineers

If you are not sure that typical solution suits you, try an individual design solution for the personal data storage.

Providing security of personal data

We guarantee you complex protection of the entire architecture of the virtual system.
Access to the cloud is provided only to authorized persons and guarded with certified tools of cryptographic protection.

Why you should trust us

We are registered as a personal data operator and use information protection tools certified by FSTEK and FSB.

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If you are not certain that the basic solution suits you, try our customized solution for personal data storage.


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