We offer solutions to ensure business continuity, infrastructure administration and monitoring, as well as a wide range of telecommunication services, enabling our customers to focus on development of their business both within and outside this region.

    Internet access
    A high-speed internet access service is provided in the DC. Customers’ physical equipment or virtual environment are connected via copper wire or fiberoptic ports. The customer is offered IP addresses from the DC operator’s pool or BGP connection to two independent providers using an autonomous system and the customer’s pool of IP addresses.
    Cross connects
    A service of organizing copper wire and fiberoptic cross connects between telecom operators, service providers, content providers and corporate customers of the DC. Presence of a large number of telecom operators at Linxdatacenter ensures equal terms of service and fast organization of the cross connects for the customer.
    Cabling network construction
    A service of construction of cabling network based on copper wire and fiberoptic ports between the customer’s cabinets in the DC includes the full range of works: design, components supply, installation, labelling, testing and the warrantee certification. Provision of this service by the Linxdatacenter specialists makes the process of server infrastructure’s deployment and maintenance much easier for the customer.
    Disaster recovery center (DRC)
    Service of the office space rent in Moscow data center. In case of emergencies in the main office, business-critical processes can be performed in the data center. Depending on the needs of the client, it is possible to reserve the whole room, as well as a certain number of its workplaces. A direct connection to equipment or cloud infrastructure is organized from the DRC office. The premises are equipped with furniture, telephone, security systems, and video surveillance – all in all, everything necessary to continue work in the shortest possible time.
    Warehouse storage
    A service of warehouse storage of equipment and spare parts in the DC territory allows customers to keep necessary resources in close proximity to the working equipment. Linxdatacenter ensures proper storage conditions and timely release of the stored equipment on schedule or in the case of emergency.
    Transport logistics
    A service of relocating customers’ equipment to the DC. In order to minimize the time of equipment migration to the DC, the Linxdatacenter specialists assist in preparation of a detailed plan and carry out the physical relocation of the equipment from the current site to the DC, in full or in part. Addition of the property insurance clause to the agreement guarantees equipment’s safety and material liability.
    Infrastructure monitoring
    A service based on the DC monitoring system allows to collect data in the real time and provide reports on the use of customers’ equipment in the DC, such as temperature, humidity, power consumption. Automatic notices via email or text messages about incidents and threshold points provide customers with full overview of the SLA compliance.
    Remote hands and eyes
    This service assists customers in efficient solving of tasks related to the equipment located in the DC and in minimizing inconveniences caused by physical distance and the need for urgent access. DC shift engineers operate as reliable «hands» and «eyes» round-the-clock, ready to carry out diagnostics, assist in eliminating a malfunction or carry out scheduled maintenance.
    Advanced security
    A service of advanced DC security ensures compliance with regulators’ requirements, internal corporate policies and international standards. The datacenter specialists give recommendations to the customer and implement solutions using fencing, alarm systems, CCTV and state-of-the-art biometric identification systems.
    Order and supply of network equipment for customers
    Our own developed network of suppliers guarantees you the legal purity of the equipment, optimal costs and delivery at the earliest possible date.
    Copper connection for distant work with an equipment
    We provide a service of a copper connection between a client room and an equipment located in the racks of the Moscow data center. This service allows engineers to configure an equipment from the client room, while being away from the noisy and cold module rooms.

    Why Linxdatacenter

    Proven solutions by recognized vendors leading in ICT sector
    Deployment and maintenance by professional team of certified technical experts
    Customer support center operating 24/7 mode in Russian and English languages
    Carrier-neutral data centers with more than 30 telecom providers and direct connections to IX


    • AWS
    • Lenovo
    • Veeam
    • BiZone
    • Equinix
    • Microsoft
    • Cisco
    • Fujitsu
    • IBM
    • Megaport
    • Juniper
    • NetApp
    • Commvault

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